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Modern country kitchens – beautiful kitchen designs

rustic kitchen white interior

Modern country kitchens or how to combine the opposites

Until a few years ago, it was that Modern and Rural were two things more or less mutually exclusive. But this tendency subsided. At the time of global urbanization, people either lived in the countryside or in the countryside. Both were very different decisions with their specific consequences.

But the good infrastructures made it possible to work in the city and at the same time live somewhere in the countryside. So you want to experience the quiet lifestyle and then at the same time benefit from all the modern facilities. The conditions for the emergence of modern country kitchens are there.

See this kitchen island with stones

kitchen design modern rustic

The firewood gives the kitchen a rustic character

modern country kitchen kitchens stool wooden furniture

Of course, wood furniture

kitchen wooden furniture rustic roman blind

Modern country kitchens represent real works of art

But what distinguishes and combines traditional and modern country kitchens? Let’s start with the materials. The modern country kitchens absorb the spirit of rural life in their textures. They use much more valuable materials than before. That’s why the whole thing seems more modern despite the old textures.

Kitchen with beamed ceiling

modern country kitchen kitchens stone wall roof wood

Current materials and old textures make up the charm of modern country kitchens

In this case, you can see from a distance that it is not an ordinary exposed brick wall. Rather, it has reinforced the contrast between red and white. The whole thing looks fresher and more attractive. The conception of the beamed ceiling construction was also modernized. The lighting has been created according to the latest technical requirements.

The Akzentsetzen with the fruit bowl and the flowers, as well as the integration into an open living plan are the better

modern country house kitchen brick wall wooden work surface

Sculptures made of wood in modern country kitchens

The sculptures made of wood in modern country cottages represent a current trend. They use the natural character of the branches and trunks. But they are more structured and used in certain places to offer a great change.

They come in the form of lights, chair backs, candle holders and any other decoration.

Great DIY or designer hanging lamps in the style of modern country kitchens

modern country kitchen kitchens chandelier wood

Great lampshade decoration on pendant lamps in modern country kitchens

modern country kitchen kitchens decoration

Table legs of a modern-rural kitchen table

modern country kitchen dining table chairs

Elegant brown kitchen interior

kitchen design rustic brown interior

Rustic-style kitchen with white furnishings

kitchen design white interior rustic

It is not hard to combine modernity with the rustic

kitchen radical establishment black elements

Light gray and white combine

kitchen rustic wooden cupboards closet

A kitchen in the Rural style

modern country kitchen design wall cabinet wood

Interior elements in silver color

modern country kitchen dining table silver

Light green decor

modern country kitchen kitchens light green cabinets

Beautiful wall design in rural style

modern country kitchen kitchens wooden table stone wall

Even the kitchen island has been clad in wood

modern country kitchen kitchens island stools

Such a kitchen island can refresh the rural furnishings

modern country kitchen kitchens purple kitchen island

Cozy country kitchen

modern country kitchen white kitchen island wooden table

Accent wall with bricks

modern country house kitchens white chairs brick stones

Combine gentle colors

modern rustic kitchen with mild color scheme

Traditional cuisine

modern rustic kitchen kitchen island

Fireplace in the kitchen – untypical, but why not?

rustic kitchen hearth countertop

Kitchen furniture in fresh shades gives the whole ambience a little life

fresh kitchen light green rustuikal

Fresh atmosphere with flowers

rustic kitchen stool flowers

Brick wall and wooden furniture correspond well with each other

rustic kitchen wood cabinets wooden table

The plants complement this accent wall

rustic kitchen modern cozy

Nice color contrast between the yellow carpet and the gray wall

rustic kitchen gray light brown

Rustic kitchen with sloping roof

modern country kitchen wood hanging lamp

Inspiring wall tiles

rustic kitchen wall tiles wood

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