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Modern Designer Lamps – Idea and Creative Execution of the Project by Jiyoun Kim

Korean designer Jiyoun Kim has recently promoted his latest project called Lightning Lamp. That happened at the London Designer Fair. He himself spoke about the inspiration for his collection of Designer lamps , It came from the old Korean phrase, which means something like “getting into a storm coming from a sky with blue clouds!”. This refers to these life situations in which one unexpectedly falls into difficulties.

Both the technology and the design are at the highest level in this project

diy awesome light bulb modern lamps design

The technique of designer lamps

In order for the designer to reach the shape of clouds, he uses glassblowing technology. The used materials are glass and metal. The lampshade is made of glass and metal – the rest of the construction.

Rich colors

In the project, one observes the inspiration through the many different colors that one observes in the sky.

The designer lamps can be purchased in four different shades. They reflect the color of the sky at different times of the day. These are the morning, the day, the afternoon and the time of the sunset.

The sky itself has been an inspiration for the design of this lamp

Three variations on a modern lamp design

The organic design

Designer lamps by Jiyoun Kim are particularly original, because they have a natural character. The organic models are currently very current in the interior. The special achievement of this project is that this organic design easily enters into any modern context. This is mainly due to the shape and the colors. Inspired by the sky, they combine many different shades in themselves.

Different colors of the same designer lamps

three modern lights


Innovations in the field of industrial design

More specifically, the designer lamps by designer Jiyoun Kim Studio can be described as an innovation in the field of industrial design. Especially new is the fact that he was able to unite this with the theme of nature. Through the materials
Glass and metal, the table lamps are ideal for any ambience. The shape brings the natural inspiration inside.

Several nuances flow into this lamp

white and orange modern lamps design

The effect of the designer lamps

The designer lamps from JiyounKim Studio each have a very different effect in the different rooms. The time of day is also of immense importance. The different shades bring about that expression, but also the mirror effects caused by the glass and the metal. This is an unmistakable parallel to nature out there. Because just as in the sky, one and the same object seems different, depending on what time of the day and in which weather you observe it.

Drawing with the stages of manufacture

this is how the designer lights work

Insight into the technical production of the designer lamp

complicated design process designer lamps

White designer light

lamps shine design lights white cloud

Various organic shapes for designer lights

several modern lapmen for zen mood

The designer participated in every moment of the production of the lights

Look closely at modern lamps design

Silver Cloud Designer Light

modern lamps design cloud gray

Author of the project with a lampshade

super creative lighting idea

Designer lamp – detail

technical part of designer lamps


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