Modern fan for cooling and decorating

Modern fan for cooling and decorating

Modern fans are not just devices. They can be a focal point of the decor or one of its decorations. Available in a variety of not only materials and finishes, but also shapes and forms, modern fans fit into just about any interior.

Since the term “modern” includes both mid-century style and contemporary style, at least in everyday language, we have decided to show you different designs that are in many ways modern.

Mid-Century Modern Fans

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Mid-century modern

Created in the late 19th century, electric fans were small and almost steampunk in their aesthetics. Toward the middle of the last century, they became a little more creative.

Otto Fan, on the other hand, recently produced mid-century bonds of modern style with its curved bamboo shell and a small round body.

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Urbanjet desk fan from

At the time, however, the fans looked more like Urbanjet Desk Fan. Metallic rounded design and a painted bowl with blades safely shielded behind the tightly set bars.

Small and strong, these fans may be a bit noisy, especially compared to some of the newer designs.

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Vornado Vfan of

If you really want to channel this period, you want something in the sense of Vornado Vfan. Small, sweet and very vintage glam, it will punctuate a mid-century interior like nothing else.

It’s also a good deal, as the fan price is just under $ 100. It is a perfect accent for small spaces, difficult corners and sophisticated bedrooms.

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Wood Tripod floor fan by

A tripod floor fan is like a

Since it takes up a good deal of space, it is only practical to keep it in a large room that can not be cooled as well as a ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans made of wood

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Dyno ceiling fan from

If you find a floor fan bulky and impractical, a ceiling fan is the epitome of literally cool. Looking down, it cools off a good portion of the space, which is suitable for both larger spaces and outdoors.

There are some mid-century modern charm over wood ceiling fans. Dark, light, curved and sculpted – they all look elegant and refined in their minimalist style.

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This dual-bladed Emerson fan is a stylish departure from paddle-shaped designs. This is a sharper and (literally) edgy ceiling fan that is more in the transitional style.

With a light kit, it’s a multifunctional design that fits in different interior styles.

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Airfusion Fraser DC Fan Only in brushed chrome

Paddle-shaped blades, on the other hand, give a fan that soft, modernist look that complements the curved plywood furniture and minimalist decor.

In contrast to the chromed base, the lightweight wooden fan escapes the old-fashioned aesthetic while retaining the nostalgic atmosphere.

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Airfusion Akmani 152cm DC Fan in Brushed Chrome Teak Over

This design has a more industrial feel with its complex steel base supplemented with petals.

With light-colored wood to soften the look, the fan is a perfect complement to an industrial style loft bedroom or living room. Not too minimal, but not too big for details.

Futuristic modern fans

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Irene 3 Blade Hugger ceiling fan from

Futurism was one of the main themes of modern design, so we can not skip futuristic fans like this Irene model of the Matthews Fan Company.

Its minimally curved wooden blades look positive and a cylinder base distinguishes it from all other designs.

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Y-shaped and incredibly smooth, this Boffi fan would perfectly match with modern and contemporary interior designs; The wooden surface softens the sharp edges of the paddles.

The fan also complements supple chairs and curvilinear furniture that radiates retro futurism.

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Marea 1 Blade ceiling fan with

The metal, slim and unconventionally shaped Marea fan looks like a spaceship.

Among the other designs, it is definitely for those who dislike the look of ceiling fans, if you consider them old-fashioned.

Metallic ceiling fans

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Lapa ceiling fan by

Metallic fans, both open and protected, bring a totally different aesthetic to the room. They look more modern and high tech.

Lapa ceiling fan, while simple in its design, looks sharp and stylish. Thanks to its versatile design, it can easily decorate a modern or contemporary interior.

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Jarold Direcional ceiling fan – metal blades from

With rose gold and metallic in general a hit of the year, the Jarold Directional fan makes an equally stylish and practical addition to the decor.

It is robust with the midcentury look that gives the place a touch of vintage. It’s also mounted to the ceiling, which makes it more practical than other retro fans.

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Metallic fan of

Tired of the open ceiling fan? How about a protective protection only for aesthetics instead of safety? These can look very decorative.

Large springy guardians find their place in a minimalist contemporary home, a Scandinavian interior or even a mid-century room.

Modern fans with a lightbulb

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Torsion ceiling fan with Light Kit of

Multifunctionality is too important to ignore the modern lifestyle. That’s why ceiling fans with bulbs are so popular.

Torsion fan offers a modern design complete with opal glass shade hiding a halogen light. Designed by Ron Rezek, it makes a great kitchen light that also serves as a fan.

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Minimalist ceiling fan from

Minimalist but elegant, this Monte Carlo fan is a connoisseur. Be prepared to make balsa wood blades, etched opaline glass and an energy efficient 6-speed reversing motor that makes this exquisite fan so expensive.

The LED technology also ensures that the design is environmentally friendly, while a handheld remote adds a few points to the hi-tech lover.

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Stella in Dark Bronze with Maple Painted Blades by

Stella looks like a good old kitchen fan who used to hang in your parents’ house. Now it can serve you if you only have one chance and face a different backdrop.

In a contemporary space, such a design can truly evoke nostalgia, but without the old-fashioned, tired aesthetics.

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Gyro Wet 42 in. Ceiling fan from

A double protected fan is a practical solution for an open space that requires active air circulation in different zones and areas at the same time.

Equipped with a generous light, it can also provide a general lighting for the room. Smart, functional and somehow cool.

Mini fans

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Modern Cage Ceiling Fan by

Open blades are too easy? Protected fans are also in the last century? How about a cage-ceiling fan that disguises itself as a lamp? No, it does not double as one, but offers a shadow that could deceive everyone, that it is a lamp.

A metal cage that surrounds the fan shield decorates and clad it in addition, while a WhisperWind engine ensures that it does not betray its purpose with a characteristic fan clatter.

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Mini O-fan off

The Korean Studio 11+ has developed a USB-powered mini-fan that can be stored on a desk and provides the user with an individual breeze of the desired intensity. Sweet and small, it can easily get lost among your pen cups and trusses.

O-fan is almost completely silent and a useful accessory for the office that you can manipulate to find the perfect temperature for the day.

Contemporary modern fans

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“Rethink the Fan” by

Marco Gallegos has recreated a tripod floor fan in his own way and it has become fantastic. Thin, light plywood makes it light and versatile. While a 28-inch ring has been reduced to move the air more efficiently.

Elegant and positively contemporary “rethinking …” looks like being in an open house with a modern, minimalist design.

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Torto 3 Blade ceiling fan from

Another fan from Fanimation Contemporary comes with three unusual ribbon-shaped blades that are caught in a vortex.

Available in a variety of colors, Torto looks best in dark gray brushed nickel, giving the decor a contemporary sculpture.

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Dyson offers fans with the ultimate in high-tech, blade-less design, both quiet and powerful. They are also safe for children and are easy to clean.

The ubiquitous modern design allows you to remotely control them, program them for up to 9 hours and use them everywhere, from the kitchen to the nursery.

If AC is not an option, then modern fans, if not so efficient, can be at least much more decorative. Take them out, show them and choose what works with your facility. As you can see, the designs are as numerous as exciting.


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