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Modern interior design ideas in the style of “global chic”

furnishing ideas bedroom global chic animal patterns other patterns

Modern interior design ideas – The style of “global chic” and its characteristics

Have you ever heard of the style of “global chic”? That’s one of the hottest trends these days. He is relatively new, but the interior design ideas gained in it are gaining more and more popularity. “Global Chic” is a kind of eclecticism.


However, the mixture has a world character here. This means that it brings together different trends and ideas from around the world. Do you want to learn more about the typical characteristics of global chics? Would you like to see some great examples? Then stick to it!

Throw pillows and carpet give the living room a look in the style of global chic

furnishing ideas global chic living room throw pillow animal pattern

Bright shades

Modern interior design ideas in the style of “global chic” often enchant us with their bright and bold character. If you like to paint the walls in garnet red, yellow, orange and other shades, then this is just right for you!

Ornate wall design in stark red

modern interior design ideas global chic living room ethnic elements

Accents in stark shades refresh the living room

furnishing ideas living room global chic stark colors


Here comes the best: you can make the walls in one of these nuances and pair them with decoration in almost any shade. Virtually every combination finds an entitlement in one or the other culture.

Mix of ethnic elements

Do you love the different ethnic elements in the interior design? The global style allows you to mix them together in many different ways. You wonder if that makes sense ?! Yes sure! Only find the right context that connects them together. This can be an already realized or planned world tour of the owner.

Set up an eclectic living room

Home decor living room ethnic elements global chic style

Living room decoration in the style of global chic

furnishing ideas living room global chic eclectic design

animal pattern

The animal patterns are of course also at the global style at home. They are, however, most of the accents in the decoration. As a main motive they are too overwhelming.

Beautiful wall design with animal pattern

interior design wall design animal pattern wallpaper

wood furniture

The wood is a material that is used all over the world. Interesting in the global style is the combination of different types of wood and their processing.

Wooden furniture is a feature of this style

modern home decor living room set up gray walls throw pillow flower wall decor

Benefit from the sunlight

Global chic can be considered as a world tour. It includes, among other things, the consideration of different natural landscapes. That’s why sunlight plays such a special role in furnishing ideas in global chic. It has to be applied optimally.

Choose a suitable wallpaper pattern

modern interior design living room strip carpet rustic coffee table open plan

Exotic collections

Fill your shelves with exotic collections. In the context of global chics, you can have different Buddha figures that you have collected lately. So your house is not only original, but also very reflective and calming.

Exotic decoration ideas

modern home decorating ideas global style

Borrow small details from the global style

Are you rather unsure of the whole establishment in global chic? Go slower and perhaps borrow some details for the first time. You can wonderfully spice up your neutral style at home. Let these exotic decorative elements first take their toll. As you improve your mood and make your home fresher, you can become more and more with time modern interior design ideas integrate in this style.

Buddha figures are a perfect decoration if you want to bring home the global chic

interior design beautiful deco buddha figurine candles

Set accents in the interior design

modern interior design ideas global chic buddha figure

The combination of different patterns results in a beautiful whole

modern home decorating ideas global chic style living room

Living room with fur rug and many fabric patterns

modern home decor living room global chic colors animal pattern

Let more light come into the room

modern home decor eclectic living room wall decoration transparent coffee table


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