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Modern kitchen bar: what options are open in front of you?

Should the modern kitchen bar be part of your living ambience? This is certainly a very appealing and practical idea. Before you start planning and realizing your project, however, you should take a look at the current trends. There are just a lot of optimizations that would certainly be in your plan in question.

The floor plan and the kitchen counter are very up to date

kitchen bar blue white modern

The modern kitchen bar from a functional point of view

Above all, kitchen bar innovations affect their use. In a small room, this can be the place where the members of the household eat together. In this case, the kitchen bar would have to be very wide and comfortable for sitting. In larger kitchens This is an extra seat on which you occasionally sit with friends, other family members or just yourself.

The design must be well adapted to the respective needs.

The shown wooden kitchen bar is ideal for this industrial space

contrasts brown black modern kitchen bar industrial

Determine the appropriate height of the modern kitchen bar

Depending on the function, the modern kitchen bar should a corresponding height to have. For your consultants in the relevant business, the distinction between the terms bar and bar is of great importance. The first ones are lower and vary by the height of 75cm. The bars start at 110 and can be higher depending on individual needs. The first variant is usually more convenient for a modern kitchen bar, which also serves as a dining area. The bar height is preferred if it is more for entertainment.

The mirror surface of the modern kitchen bar enlarges the space here

minimalist kitchen modern küchenbr


Space-saving and transformable solutions

The modern kitchen bar proves to be a successful solution for studios. Among the latest trends are many flexible, transformable and space-saving variants that are just right for this situation. Some could find a place in larger kitchens. They would be ideal if you want to transform one and the same room and adapt it to different situations. An ideal example of this is the use of the kitchen bar as a room divider. Can it be folded down or put away, you could gain more tread while you do not use them.

In use come various modern folding mechanisms. Even smart solutions like the cables are often preferred. On some models, the kitchen bar represents a board that can be folded quickly. Also consider the possibility of integrating the kitchen bar as a separate module. He usually rests on wheels and can therefore easily be moved to different places.

The surface of the modern kitchen bar also serves as an accent in neutral space

modern kitchen bar in white and yellow


The modern kitchen bar not only provides extra elegance. It saves us space and helps us to transform the available living space. The trend is particularly creative solutions. Most of them are based on the desire to use small kitchen surfaces effectively. However, many of these ideas are suitable for use in a wider space.

The modern kitchen bar thus becomes one with the kitchen ambience and the interior design, but at the same time lends it a certain extravagance.

The wooden kitchen bar is ideal for the style of this room

kitchen bar yourself build wood

The Vintaga style kitchen bar would be ideal for a country-style space

kitchen bar itself build mirror surface

A modern kitchen bar can also look Mediterranean

kitchen bar white functional

Idea for anyone who wants to make the kitchen bar itself

modern kitchen bar functional element wood

The vintage DIY kitchen counter serves as a room divider at the same time
modern kitchen bar gray

You can build such a simple kitchen bar yourself

modern kitchen bar white

modern kitchen bar white room divider

modern kitchen bar white trese

You can give the kitchen counter additional charm with Mediterranean elements

rustic kitchen bar modern

black white contrasts kitchen bar

white brown kitchen bar

The wooden kitchen bar sets a great accent in the bright white kitchen

white brown kitchen bar

white brown kitchen bar

white kitchen bar wooden elements

Bright and rough surfaces make up the special character of this kitchen

kitchen bar wood and marble

Another great example of how to make a wooden kitchen bar yourself!

kitchen bar itself make wood

kitchen bar white and green

modern kitchen bar brown chairs

This kitchen island becomes a highlight in the room only through the use of black and white

modern kitchen bar marble black white

modern kitchen bar room divider

This neutral kitchen island can easily be enriched by great contrast elements

modern kitchen bar white and brown

silver and white modern kitchen bar


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