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Modern kitchen islands: cooking, serving and enjoying in one

kitchen equipment kitchen island dining table fresh white

Beautiful kitchen islands for modern kitchen design

This article is especially for the group of our readers who do not have a kitchen island yet. Because here they can easily find out why they should have one. And if you already own a kitchen island, then read on as well to get an idea of ​​how your relationship with this modern and practical piece of furniture could be.

Contemporary kitchen with modern kitchen island

kitchen islands modern kitchen island functional felled carpet

Kitchen island design with gentle lines

kitchen equipment modern kitchen island black light gray walls

kitchen islands are actually nothing new in kitchen design. They have been decorating many kitchens worldwide for about half a century. And in between, they have evolved enormously, with their functionality now meeting a wide range of homeowner needs. Many housewives are particularly fond of this piece of furniture because it is extremely helpful for short breaks in their busy agendas. Others use it to separate the kitchen and dining areas, and a third group appreciates the kitchen island, which adds much to the overall visual appeal of the kitchen, as a device designed to make a splash with its party guests excite.

A functional design

kitchen equipment modern kitchen set up kitchen island

Kitchen island that brings liveliness to the kitchen design

kitchen equipment modern kitchen island green light gray bar stool

No matter for what reason you want a kitchen island at home, the practical aspect is especially important. Namely, a kitchen island proves to be particularly useful if you have to prepare a meal at the last moment by providing the necessary working space. Its usefulness is that it provides a space for storage of utensils, as well as for cooking. And more – it could also serve as a dining area. All you need to do in this regard is to get some matching barstools to your kitchen island.

Spice up your kitchen island with attractive pendant lights

kitchen islands modern design black pendant lights

Modern round design

kitchen islands modern round design

Stylish design in black

kitchen islands design black glossy surface

Bar stools leave the kitchen islands to transform themselves into breakfast bars by making it easier to serve food to children and guests. They can also be used as comfortable chairs to relax in during a conversation. You can currently find a rich assortment of bar stools on the market. They are made in all colors and models, in fashionable designs and made of all kinds of elegant materials. Attention! When choosing your bar stool you will surely be spoiled for choice!

An interesting model

kitchen equipment modrne kücheninsel fellteppich

Transparent bar stools, which nicely register in the ambience

kitchen direction kitchen island beautiful barstool wood tiles

Kitchen island in marble

kitchen islands modern design marble bar stools

But you will probably find it difficult to choose the right model for the modern kitchen island. Since the offer is particularly rich. For beginners, here are some of the things they need to keep in mind when choosing: Do you want to have room to cook or to eat together with them? What size and type of kitchen island would best suit your kitchen? How often do you organize parties? If you have the answers to these questions, go to the specialty store to select your kitchen island. We wish you lots of fun!

Suitable model for the big kitchen

kitchen furniture spacious kitchen kitchen island

Modern and functional at the same time

kitchen equipment modern functional kitchen island curtains

Kitchen island design with beautiful texture

kitchen islands design beautiful texture floor design green walls

The white kitchen island is a modern interior Lösing

kitchen islands design white modern kitchen

Get a large work surface in the kitchen

kitchen islands large work surface open shelves

Nice practical model

kitchen islands modern design attractively lively

Decorate the kitchen island

kitchen islands beautiful design modern kitchen plant

The kitchen is elegant

kitchen islands white modern spacious kitchen

Create a white ambience

kitchen islands white white interior beautiful kitchen back wall

Set up the small kitchen with kitchen island

kitchen equipment compact functional kitchen plant


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