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Modern kitchens in noble shades of gray!

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Modern kitchens in gray

Great modern kitchens are more and more in gray. They are full of character and noble. Gray kitchens enchant us with their timeless elegance.

Not to be confused with the 70’s

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The modern version has little to do with the trends of the 70s. At that time, designers and homeowners preferred combinations in gray and yellow. Modern color palettes for the kitchen are much more restrained. Gray is perceived as a neutral nuance. It looks smart and fresh. Mostly the gray color is combined with white. Occasionally there are combinations with other flashy nuances.

Find your nuance!

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If you are planning a modern kitchen in gray, you should find your own nuance. There are some that feel warmer thanks to the subtle addition of gold. Other shades of gray, on the other hand, have a colder, blue base. As you probably understand, these nuances make a big difference.

The approach “Mix and Match”

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Now we have some tips on the “mix and match” approach in modern gray kitchens. There are some rules that always protect you from mistakes.

Our first tip concerns the complementary colors. These should either be completely gray in the color palette or on the opposite side.

In the first case, you will achieve a soothing effect, and in the second, you would create a dynamic mood.

Gentle tones for the small kitchen

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Gentle, clear shades of gray are suitable for smaller modern kitchens. Larger ones, on the other hand, would benefit greatly from combinations with bold shading. The wider spaces would be much more interesting thanks to bold color pairs.

In addition to gray, designers usually opt for another complementary color. More colorful solutions usually do not look good.

accent pieces

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A kitchen island in a color that contrasts with the walls and cabinets serves as an excellent focal point in the room. To achieve a contrast, you need the juxtaposition of dark and light. You can do this by combining with a different color, as well as by pairing the light and dark gray.

Try to achieve the effect that is more appropriate for your space. Too dark colors could greatly restrict the room. Maybe that’s why it would be appropriate to compensate for this with bright ceilings and floors.

The materials are also important

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How the gray modern kitchen feels depends very much on the type of materials you choose. Stone and marble look particularly modern with this shade.

Which nuance would you choose?

Choose a noble and characterful kitchen color

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The dark gray shades look gloomy

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The golden edges and the wooden decoration soften the gray appearance

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Modernize your kitchen with a refreshing gray color

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Modern kitchens: A noble material combination and in addition in exuberant colors

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The white wall in the background balances the different shades of gray

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Set up your kitchen in a modern way

beautiful kitchen modern kitchen kitchen equipment

The glossy surface makes for an even more modern appearance

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