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Swedish stove: 23 modern and functional designer models

Hängekamin aus Kupfer Wohnzimmer

Swedish stove is very popular right now. That is why we are presenting you with 23 cool designer models from which you can draw inspiration for your own home! Below you will also learn a little more about the advantages of the stove, which is one of the reasons for its great popularity. Hopefully, you like our suggestions! We hope you enjoy reading it!

Swedish stove combines an attractive appearance and functionality

Schwedenofen Designer Stahlrahmen 3D-Effekt

Designer Schwedenofen Stahl

Schwedenofen Gas freistehend Raumteiler

Schwedenofen im Schlafzimmer Glasfenster freistehend

toller Schwedenofen mit Brennholzabteilung minimalistisch

Schwedenofen originell Bioethanol

Kaminofen Wandeinabu Rahmen asymmetrisch

dekorativer Hängekamin minimalistisch

Hängekamin Stahl rund Glasfenster

Schwedenofen moderner Hängekamin

Schwedenofen Stein drehbar Bioethanol

The contemporary Swedish stove impresses in the first place with its attractive appearance. Both the modern hand fireplaces made of stainless steel and the space-saving models that can be mounted on the wall simply look excellent. Just look at our photos to see for yourself! The stove also creates a particularly cozy and inviting atmosphere. Watching the burning fire on the cold autumn and winter evenings is particularly calming. The stove is also recommended from a practical point of view. Some models are equipped with a special mechanism whereby the heat can be used to heat water. This can save you a lot of money on heating bills. You can read more about the practical advantages and also the near parts of the stove here.

Designer Swedish stove as an accent in the interior

Kaminofen Wandeinbau originell offene Flamme

Kaminofen eingebaut Steinwand Glasfenster

eleganter Schwedenofen mit Glasfenster Wohnzimmer

Hängekamin Stahl moderner Look

Kamionofen freistehnd rot Bioethanol

Schwedenofen Stahl Glas modern

Schwedenofen Wandeinbau modern stilvoll

Schwedenofen modern Wohnwand

Schwedenofen Raumteiler zwei Sichtseiten

Kaminofen offene Flamme Wohnzimmer Bioethanol

Schwedenofen Designer freistehend

Here we present you with some designer Swedish ovens that look really cool. Although these models are a bit more expensive, in our opinion they are definitely worth the money. With a designer stove, you can add great accents to the room. To make the fireplace an eye-catcher, you can design a seating area around it.

This will also give you the opportunity, for example, to drink your coffee in the afternoon and enjoy the warmth of the fire. Another great idea is to use the fireplace as a room divider. The mini Swedish stoves that can be built into the wall are just perfect for this purpose. You can get several modern ideas for the perfect location of the stove in the apartment from our photos.

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