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Modern tips for the small kitchen equipment

Small kitchen modern and cheerful. That is how it goes!

Of course, the design of small apartments is an issue that can almost never be exhausted. That’s why we do not set ourselves the goal for the moment. The strategies for successful furnishing are many and today we dedicate ourselves to one: it begins with the harmonious floor plan design and extends to living design with patterns and colors.

Functionality against aesthetics or vice versa?

The problem in small home furnishings is often the sacrifice of aesthetics in favor of functionality. Even without any special knowledge householders bring everything necessary, but often the whole thing ends in quirky room look and chaos. This is most evident in kitchens. We also take this space as an example for our article. Many of the rules are also applicable in other small rooms.

Avoid the mess in the kitchen

small kitchen furnished with functionality

Balance and enough tread

The floor plan has to be balanced on one side and also leave enough running surface in the small room anyway. For one thing, we should always try to put one of the typical kitchen forms into our ambience (there are U, G and L-shaped kitchen layouts). Another possibility would be the three parallel lines.

The last variant is particularly suitable for narrow and long premises.

Let’s look at a few typical difficulties that may arise. Some such would be the bizarre architectural elements such as niches and projecting wall areas. Take the wall niche as an example. These can be used well as storage space. The surface of the base cabinets can also serve as a work surface.

On projecting elements could in turn be connected from both sides work surfaces. Under certain circumstances, you can integrate fitted kitchen furniture or appliances there.

Square kitchens, in turn, can benefit from G or U planning. But this is rarely the case for small premises. In most cases you have to choose between the parallel planning and the L-shaped floor plan. In the first case you have work surfaces on both sides and in the middle.

The L-shaped kitchen floor plan will again give you the opportunity to balance in a room with inharmonious visual gravity.

Sorgen Sie für genug Lauffläche in Ihrer Kücheneinrichtung

small floor plan with storage space in the kitchen

Only as much storage space as you really need

An oft-repeated mistake is the excessive integration of storage space in small kitchens. You should only plan as much storage space as you really need. Wherever you can, you should leave enough free space. In a kitchen of three rows, you could place in the middle of a kitchen island or a table. Rely on the sleek designs with sleek lines. You may be able to insert a few drawers. How to achieve an elegant appearance.

At this point we would like to go into the width of the storage area. Their dimensions must best meet your needs. Plan well the depth of the cabinets and save every inch you can.

This also applies to the shelves – combine deeper and narrower ones. In the first you can place the plates and in the second – the cups and glasses!

Rely on elegant designs with slim lines

kitchen furniture with order and enough storage space


Different textures

Small kitchen appliances can quickly become dark and depressing. The logical and effective strategy, on the other hand, is the cheerful design. It works especially well through the variety. At first glance, these are accessible through the different textures. We can not do without metal in modern kitchens because of the technology. But wood, stone and PVC are examples of materials that can be used in parallel and fill the room atmosphere with exoticism and warmth.

The design of the small kitchen could be realized with different textures

aesthetics and functionality in the kitchen unit detail

Patterned wall surfaces

In small kitchens, the decoration should take up little space and at the same time is the super important. Without them you can not reach an atmospheric and individual facility. A wonderful solution is the decorative wall design with patterns. A practical solution would be the strategic arrangement of certain wall areas with wallpaper. Their background should match the selected neutral color palette. The patterns serve as accents with their shapes and colors. The selected wallpaper should be easy to care for and moisture resistant. Design the walls in several places – for example the areas behind the sink and the stove.

Set up the wall area directly behind the sink and directly above the stove with tiles, so you can easily clean them. You can then attach the wallpaper over it.

With wallpaper you can also set up the back walls of some shelves. The colored wall design can make an open shelving system aesthetically pleasing. This in turn is still a strategy to achieve more openness in a small kitchen space.

Open and at the same time luxurious shelving system

Ordering in the small kitchen facility

Final colored accents

As you can see, you can achieve an optimal design of the small kitchen first by the appropriate floor plan and then by the mixture of materials and colors. Give the whole a complete character through the last touches. This function can be window blinds or curtains with decorative effect, a few indoor plants or bowls of fruits and vegetables.

Do not forget the colorful accents in the kitchen equipment

colored accents in the small kitchen furniture

So we have a beautiful little kitchen facility that only works in three major steps. What do you make of it?

aesthetics and functionality in the kitchen

Vintage furniture is also very modern in the kitchen

Cabinets and shelves as design in the kitchen

The matching wall design plays an important role

modern and small kitchen facilities

Decide how big the storage space in the kitchen should be

storage space in the kitchen facility

Be minimalist in decorating your small kitchen

Textures in the modern kitchen


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