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Modern wall colors for modern apartments

modern wall colors ideas brown

Think carefully which modern wall colors you choose for your home

Before you decide on a modern wall paint, you should pay attention to something. It is not easy to choose the color for a specific room. Some colors are more appropriate to a particular room than others, because each color has a different effect on the sensuality and mood of the occupants.

Therefore, take good care when choosing the colors for your walls.

The colors in your home can positively affect your mood or prepare you for rest. It all depends on which color you choose for each room in your home.

We recommend the different shades of blue for the bedroom. This is the color that sets the body to relax and sleep. On the other hand, you have freedom also others modern wall colors to use, such as the red, because that is a color that combines with passion and romance. Nevertheless, it would be good not to paint the whole room, but only one or two walls in red.

It is said that blue is best for your bedroom

bedroom modern colors wall colors

Blue is a calm color

wall colors modern colors ideas

Red stands for passion

Ideas colors modern wall paints red

Modern wall colors for the nursery are the sunny, bright colors. Light green, saturated yellow and saturated orange work well for such rooms. Of course, the pink color is suitable for girls, but if your little girl does not like, then the color bright caramel is a good decision.

The green creates a quiet and pleasant atmosphere for your toddler

children's room colors modern ideas

A sunny color for a sunny nursery

ideas modern wall colors children's room

The sunny power of the orange color

orange modern wall colors inspirations

Pink walls for your little girl’s room

ideas modern colors wall colors pink color

The kitchen and dining room might look better in lighter colors. There the whole family gathers and therefore the atmosphere should be fresh and positive. For modern kitchens, the connection between green and white is particularly suitable. So that’s an apt decision for modern wall colors , If you want to achieve a classic style, opt for wooden furniture and connect it to walls in the pale shades of peach color. For a quiet atmosphere, the kitchen can be painted in stark white or ivory. Of course this requires more time to clean, but the result is worth it.

So the dining room is brighter and fresher

colors modern wall colors ideas kitchen

Light green goes well with the kitchen

kitchen light green modrne wall colors

A cozy kitchen

modern wall colors kitchen ideas

The living room is the space in your apartment where you spend a long time. Modern wall colors are gold sand and also the combination of black and white (if you want to reach a classic face of the room). The brown color is a very popular color in the kitchen, which could easily be combined with other colors. It is also an elegant color, so it is also suitable for the living room. But to avoid the danger of creating a suppressive atmosphere, combine this color with lighter shades.

The purple color is a cold color that will give you an excellent result when combined with other colors, e.g. with gray or green. This color is that of intellectual work, which makes it suitable for your home office.

Between lilac-colored walls you work and learn successfully

purple color modern wall colors ideas

An important rule in the interior is that all the colors in a room should be charmingly combined. A monochrome interior is too boring. Actually, it is not necessary that all the colors match completely, they should gradually overflow into each other-that’s the secret to the combination of colors.

A bright environment in your living room

Modern wall colors sand color inspirations

If you like the black well

wall colors ideas modern black

A stylish interior of the living room

brown modern wall colors ideas

The brown is an elegant color

modern colors wall colors brown

Combining colors. Modern wall colors can be combined with each other.

An effective combination is that of contrasting colors. You should be aware of the fact that applying saturated contrastive combinations is too blatant and can rarely be used. Suitable combinations prepare positive mood, e.g. Light blue and yellow go well together, as well as gray and yellow.

Another possible combination is between controversial colors. These are colors that, when united, give the whiteness. This is the case with the combination of green and red, yellow and purple color.

Does this fit with the character of your child?

combinations of colors modern

A successful decision is the union of colors. That is very impressive. The hues (still monochromatic colors) are a combination of crassness and depth in the context of just one color. The setup usually uses different colors of a color.

Also the union of near colors looks good. You could easily combine dark blue with the purple color and dark green, and the yellow looks good in combination with the orange and light green.

The most important thing in the end is that it is comfortable in your own bedroom, living room or any other room in your home. Of course you have the freedom to combine the colors according to your own wishes and preferences. Just let your imagination run wild!

Do you like it?

modern wall colors colors inspirations

Combine the colors freely!

modern wall colors nursery ideas

If you have sense of style

bedroom colors modern wall colors

Is not that an interesting idea for the interior?

modern wall colors combinations ideas

An elegant bedroom

wall colors modern ideas colors


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