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40 modern wall paint ideas for the living room

Wandfarben Ideen Wohnzimmer rot und weiss grüner Sessel

Modern wall colors ideas and successful color combinations for the living room

Wandfarben Ideen Türkischblau Wohnzimmer

Wand streichen Ideen Wohnzimmer

Wohnzimmer Ideen Wandgestaltung

Inneneinrichtung Wohnzimmer stilvoll Wandfarben Pastellnuancen

Wandfarben Ideen Wohnzimmer Pastellnuancen Streifenmuster

Einrichtung modern Wohnzimmer Wandfarbe Hellblau

Wandfarben Palette kreative Ideen Wandgestaltung Wohnzimmer

Wohnzimmer farben Wand weiss schokoladenbraun

Trendfarben 2017 Wandgestaltung Wohnzimmer weiss rosa

Wandfarbe Wohnzimmer modern hellblau grau orange

The living room is often the largest in the apartment and fulfills several functions at the same time – there, you can spend cozy evenings in front of the TV, organize parties and invite guests. There is often a dining area or even a kitchenette in the living room; in this case, one speaks of the so-called “eat-in kitchen.” For all these reasons, the color design of this room is a challenge because colors play a more important role than you might think.

You can optically enlarge or reduce a room, make it lighter or darker, and have a strong influence on human mood – famous psychologists have scientifically proved this fact. And last but not least, the color design is also important for the holistic look of the living room – if it is in harmony with the furnishings, the result is an elegant, harmonious room appearance. The trendy wall paint ideas you will find in this post could be used as a model for renovating your living room. Below are also some tips that can help you with this task. We hope you enjoy our suggestions!

Wall design ideas – living room

Trendfarben 2017 Wand Grün Gelb Orange

schöner wohnen Wandfarbe

Wandgestaltung Ideen Wohnzimmer Farbe Hellblau

Wohnzimmer Wandfarbe Schokoladenbraun

Trendfarben 2017 Wandgestaltung Signalgelb Grau

Wandgestaltung Ideen Wohnzimmer zarte Pastellnuancen

Farben Wandgestaltung Wohnzimmer Schokoladenbraun

Wandfarben Wohnzimmer Akzentwand rot

Wandgestaltung Wohnzimmer gelb und grau

Einrichtung Wohnzimmer skandinavischer Stil neutrale Farbgestaltung

How do you create the perfect color scheme in the living room? You should follow some clear rules to get the result you want! First of all, you should consider the space available. Is the living room spacious or rather small? The smaller living rooms can only benefit from warm nuances such as yellow, pink, and orange, while the larger ones can also use dark wall colors to reduce the space visually. Successful color combinations, in this case, are, for example, purple and chocolate brown, dark blue and gray, or Bordeaux and anthracite.

The lighting conditions in the room are also of crucial importance. If your living room faces south or west and is flooded with sunlight all day, it is not recommended to paint bright yellow walls. In this case, it is much better to paint the wall opposite the window in a dark accent color of your choice. And vice versa – for darker living rooms, for example facing north, you can choose a bright color such as orange, red, or azure blue. Accent walls are also a real highlight in the room, so you can only benefit from implementing this idea in your living room.

Wall colors ideas and helpful tips for the perfect color design of the living room

Wohnzimmer Ideen Wandgestaltung neutral

Inneneinrichtung Wohnzimmer exotische Muster neutrale Wandfarbe

Wand streichen Ideen Beerenfarben Pastellnuancen

Wandfarben Palette Ideen Wohnzimmer Dunkelgrau

Wohnzimmer Farben Wand geometrische Muster

Trendfarben 2017 Wandgestaltung Korallfarbe

Trendfarben 2017 Lavendel Minzgrün Wohnzimmer Gestaltungsideen

Wandgestaltung Ideen Wohnzimmer Wandfarben Weiss Orange

schöner wohnen Wandfarbe Schokoladenbraun modernes Wohnzimmer

The furniture and the interior design style are essential for the color design of the living room. To get a modern and stylish result, you should choose a color scheme in which the furnishings harmonize with the wall design. If you have furniture in bold nuances – for example, a comfortable upholstered sofa in yellow, you could accentuate it much better with accent walls. That means, for example, painting the wall behind your yellow sofa green. Yellow and green and green and orange are actually very trendy and cheerful color combinations that would create a cozy atmosphere in your living room.

The delicate pastel and sand nuances are also very trendy at the moment. They have a subtle and pronounced calming effect. Also, the pastel colors can be combined with almost all other shades and form the perfect background for imaginative design solutions in the living room. Lately, the combination between mint green and lavender has been trendy, giving the interior a homely look. You should also be aware that some furnishing styles require certain color schemes – in the Scandinavian style, neutral wall colors are a must. If you want a professional result, it is best to seek advice from an interior designer.

Wandfarben Ideen Wohnzimmer Weiss rosa Akzente

Terraccota Farbe Wand Wohnzimmer

Terraccota Farbe Wohnzimmer kamin graue Holzpaneele

Farbe Bordeaux Wohnzimmer Wandgestaltung

Wandfarbe Blau Wohnzimmer Gestaltungsideen

Wandfarben Ideen Wohnzimmer Akzentwand Beerenrot

Wandfarben Ideen Wohnzimmer mit Essbereich Sandfarbe

Farben Wand Wohnzimmer Pastellnuancen

Wandfarben Grün und Weiss Wohnzimmer

Wandgestaltung Wohnzimmer Schokoladenfarbe

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