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Modern wall unit: 30+ cool ideas and suggestions

Modern high gloss rectangular wall unit

The wall unit is a necessity in every modern apartment today and here we provide you with 30+ cool design ideas from which you can draw inspiration. Take a look at our pictures for modern wall units and let yourself be inspired!

Modern wall unit – a necessity for every apartment

Modern wall unit

A modern wall unit is a good idea for the living room, but it can also be very useful in the bedroom or in the kitchen. It is also called a wall unit or add-on wall and consists of several elements – open shelves, display cabinets with glass doors, storage space elements such as drawers, etc. Often the wall unit is also equipped with a TV element. So the TV and all additional devices are well integrated into the device.

The advantages of a wall unit are obvious – it saves space and for this reason it can be very useful in a small apartment. The wall units offer a lot of storage space, where you can store all kinds of things – so the chaos in the living room can be avoided. And last but not least, wall units look very stylish and modern and can become an eye-catcher in the room. There are a number of models to choose from, and below are some of them. Continue reading!

A clever idea to save space

Modern white imitation leather wall unit

The contemporary wall units are often equipped with integrated LED lighting and can even be converted so that they offer several creative solutions for the interior. The latter is particularly typical of the modular wall units, which consist of individual components that can be arranged according to your own taste and needs. There are also models with a variable arrangement of the shelves. In the furniture stores you can find wall units in different designs – from classic wood to elegant steel to the most modern high-gloss surfaces. The mirror and glass fronts, as well as the cabinet doors made of interesting materials with beautiful details are a real eye-catcher in the living room! Mounting on the wall is not always necessary. Wood fiber boards made of oak, walnut veneer or beech are usually used for the wall units that are to be attached to the wall. The assembly is so easy that you can easily do it yourself.

Modern wall unit: cool design ideas to fall in love with

Wohnwand modern minimalistisch

We recommend that you coordinate the design of the wall unit with the furnishing style. For a minimalist or Scandinavian interior, the neutral and pastel tones are preferable, but if your living room is designed in a country house style, you can opt for a colorful wall unit in warm shades. The colorful piece of furniture will definitely bring more mood to the interior! The simple and single-colored models with high-gloss surfaces look really elegant and discreet and are the best choice for a modern interior design! On the shelves and in the cabinets you can arrange dishes, glasses, photo albums, social games and decorations. With the right lighting, you can put the objects correctly in the scene. If the wall unit does not have integrated lighting, you can also design it yourself – for example with LED strips. A flat screen television usually fits the wall units with a TV element.

Tips for shopping

Wohnwand modern Schränke geschlossen

In the furniture stores you will also find matching highboards, sideboards and showcases to complement the wall unit. So you can expand your wall unit, so to speak, and create even more space for various objects. You can find some examples of this among our images below. When buying a wall unit, we recommend that you pay particular attention to quality, functionality and flexibility. The nice look would also be an advantage. The price can vary greatly – there are simple wall units made of wooden slats that are very inexpensive, as well as designer models made of high-quality materials, leather and fabrics that cost a lot of money. As already mentioned, you can also build the wall unit yourself. This DIY idea is interesting, not particularly difficult and just perfect as a project for your free time!

Wohnwand modern schwarz weiß stilvoller Look

schwarzer Schrankwand mit integrierter LED-Beleuchtung

Wohnwand modern Holzschränke praktisch

Schrankwand auswählen

Schrankwand quadratische Regale

Schrankwand rechteckig abgerundet Hochglanz

Schrankwand kaufen Tipps

DEsignideen Anbauwand

Anbauwand minimalistisches Wohnzimmer

Anbauwand Holz

Wohnwand modern platzsparend

Wohnwand modern LED-Tapete cooler Look

Anbauwand schlicht praktisch

Anbauwand mit Fernseher LED-Beleuchtung

Schrankwand TV-Element

Schrankwand kaufen Tipps und Ideen

Wohnwand modern TV Element LED-Beleuchtung integriert

Wohnwand modern als Akzent im Wohnzimmer

Wohnwand modern mit praktischen Bücherregalen

Wohnwand modern Hochglanz LED-Leuchten

Wohnwand modern coole Designs

Schrankwand in Weiß minimalistisch

Designer Schrankwand lange Regale

Wohnwand modern herrlicher Look

Wohnwand modern kaufen Tipps

Schrankwand mit quadratischen Holzregalen

minimalistisches Wohnzimmer mit Schrankwand

Wohnwand modern Hochglanz sehr stilvoller Look

Wohnwand modern offene Regale Schränke TV Element

Wohnwand modern Ideen und Anregungen

Schrankwand mit indirekter Beleuchtung

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