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Mosaic tiles in the bathroom – the current trend in bathroom design

Comfort and elegance are a must in the bathroom these days. But these two qualities can sometimes be very difficult to combine. That’s why our editors have an optimal solution for you that has been playing an important role in the bathroom furniture for years – the tesserae

Self-adhesive, elegant and eye-catching – the glass mosaic has many advantages. For this reason, the mosaic tiles in the bathroom are considered the best wall tiles for years. Hotels were the first to introduce this trend and the result has had many positive consequences. This kind of mosaic creates a cozy environment. One of the main advantages of your bathroom design is that the high proportion of joints guarantees a high level of slip resistance. If you need a decorative design for difficult areas (curves and edges, for example), then the mosaic stones are the right solution. Even without previous knowledge, you can create a perfect project. The decorative element is very easy to lay because of the lightweight construction, which is glued to the back of the net.

Elegance and comfort in one

mosaic designs

Do you want a bathroom design in which every stone is a unique design element? If so, then our editorial team has chosen an attractive mosaic – the fractal mosaic for you. This decorative element can also be used in the exterior design, because the mosaic has a high longevity. Each stone is handmade and unique.

It is important that you plan a treatment with stain protection after the installation. Optimum care can be carried out regularly to avoid possible loss of color.

As a universal and easy-care mosaic tiles for your bathroom, we recommend the ceramic products. Due to the qualitative surface layer (matt) you can use the mosaics not only in your bathroom, but also in the kitchen and the entire living area. The beautiful and at the same time neutral look creates an inviting atmosphere in many different ways.

Choose a trendy color

greenery as a mosaic

Before ordering the state-of-the-art tesserae, read the feedback from the certified company. Pay attention to the quality workmanship, because some of the decorative elements are made of glazed Feisteinzeug and defects are absolutely not excluded.

Combine the mosaic with the entire bathroom furniture. Above all, the wall design and the mosaic tiles should form a cozy combination, because comfort is particularly important in the modern bathroom. First, decide where the design elements would best fit and choose a suitable color.

We present the most modern mosaic tiles and mosaic tiles for this year. Various sizes, colors and designs can be found in the following image gallery, which has been specially selected for you.

Black mosaic stones are considered luxurious

bathroom mosaic mosaic ideas ideas


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Mosaic mosaic ideas tips

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