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Most beautiful places in the world that you can fall in love with

Who does not like looking at breathtaking travel photos and is not looking forward to visiting the most beautiful places in the world? But what are the most beautiful places in the world and where exactly are they? Why were they declared as such? Depending on the person you ask, the answers could be very different. High on the list of “most beautiful places in the world”, of course, is the French capital Paris with its iconic skyline, the Eiffel Tower and the unique and very romantic atmosphere along the river Seine. Many travelers and world hikers know the endless natural beauty of the mountains worldwide, and the rugged peaks in Yosemite National Park are among the most beautiful places in the world. The imposing mountains of Sierra Nevada in California certainly have a lot to offer. Others find the natural charm and tranquility of the beautiful Greek islands simply unique and place them among the most beautiful places in the world.

There are many beautiful places to be found in the Philippines. There are romantic white sandy beaches where everyone can spend an unforgettable dream vacation

most beautiful places in the world Philippines

To keep us from wondering where, how, and what the most beautiful places in the world are, Forbes has asked the largest travel and lifestyle community on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat for the most beautiful places in the world. The agency examined the most frequently tagged locations in the last six months and then created a drill-down list.

There are breathtaking travel destinations that everyone should have visited at least once in their lifetime. Take the places shown here only as a good travel tip, the list is by no means binding. In our picture gallery you can admire gorgeous landscapes and interesting cities, which undoubtedly belong to the most beautiful places in the world. Unfortunately, we can not describe all of this in this article, but at least pay attention to it. Let yourself be surprised and try to cleverly determine your next destination. You will not regret this decision with the utmost security!

Old and new are juxtaposed in Mexico City and form a harmonious whole

Mexico City

  • Most beautiful places in the world: discover new countries

Every year, millions of holidaymakers and travelers travel close and far away to enjoy beautiful nature, wonderful climate, peace and pure relaxation in one. These are usually places that keep you motivated and encourage new trips or vacations. Whether you are spending your next vacation on James Bond Island in Thaiwan or in one of the Mediterranean islands of Greece, traveling the Philippines or vacationing in the Bahamas, you will experience unforgettable days and indescribably beautiful locations.

Any wanderer can decide for himself where the most beautiful places in the world lie for him, but the James Bond Island is definitely one of the must-sees

James Bond Island most beautiful places

If you want to learn about the way of life, culture and history of the inhabitants of the country during your vacation, you can fly to Mexico or Cuba. There, old architecture and endless emotions seem to merge into one another and have turned into surreal moments.

In Cuba history, architecture and culture seem to be merged

Cuba history architecture

  • Most beautiful places in the world: modern architecture and dynamic city life

Far away from Europe’s cultural capitals lie other modern cities, where you can admire breathtaking skyscrapers and impressive buildings and feel their dynamic city life first hand. Sidney, Australia is our number one favorite as it surpasses all expectations and has plenty to offer its many guests besides the futuristic Opera House.

Sidney, Australia will surpass all your expectations of a full-fledged vacation

Opera House Sidney Australia

A great combination of chic, glamorous city life and a laid-back beach atmosphere offers its guests and numerous tourists the American city of Miami. There are beautiful hotels, first-class restaurants and cozy cafes, so that everyone can find something special for themselves. It’s clear to everyone why Miami is a popular escape for so many people. This is exactly where you can escape from “normal life” and enjoy many amusing moments. If you’re already in the US, be sure to visit “The Big Apple,” as you often call the city of New York City. The American metropolis is also known as “the city that never sleeps” and lets you feel free among people from all over the world.

On the corner of 5th Avenue and Broadway in Manhattan you can see this well-known building

5th Avenue Broadway

If you have enough time and money, you can visit two more modern cities on the west coast of America – Los Angeles and San Francisco. The two are also known as the most beautiful places in the world. In sunny California you can easily recharge your batteries and think about the modern way of life in America.

Golden Gate Bridge – the famous bridge in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge known bridge San Francisco

  • Most beautiful places in the world: a lot of cultural history and admire numerous sights in Europe

If you do not want to travel so far away, you can also do great things in Europe city ​​breaks visit companies and breathtaking places. We already have some destinations in other articles reported. Today we just want to name those cities that are definitely on the list of “most beautiful places in the world”. These fascinate every visitor and reveal their historical and cultural treasures. Just as you feel in Barcelona and in Paris, meet new friendly people in London. In the south of Europe, people like to go out in the evening or be enchanted by the eternal city of Rome and the Italian pearl of tourism Venice. The list of European must-sees is also very long, but among the most beautiful places of the old continent are undoubtedly still the unique city of love Paris and the exotic metropolis on the Bosphorus, the intersection of Orient and Europe – Istanbul.

The Eiffel Tower is the undisputed landmark of Paris


The colorful coloring of Venice fascinates the numerous guests of this Italian city

colorful coloring Venice fascinates numerous guests

  • Breathtaking landscapes are also among the most beautiful places in the world

Nature lovers often want to escape to a natural paradise, where they can experience beautiful landscapes, high mountains, wide valleys, rushing waterfalls, crystal clear lakes, unique flora and fauna in one place. Exactly for this purpose are the numerous nature parks worldwide. They are all glamourous and well worth seeing, but on the list of the most beautiful places in the world, people in the online survey have tapped them in Oregon. 10 well-maintained national parks are available to tourists there and their majestic panoramic views rob everyone of breath.

In each of the 10 nature parks in Oregon you will discover the natural charm of the perfect landscape

10 Oregon natural parks

And what else you have to visit is the Yosemite National Park in California. Here you can forget the stress of everyday life and the constant back and forth of every major city. It’s time to let go and admire the beauty of nature! So you can achieve inner harmony and bring your life in harmony with the natural environment. Do you want to achieve exactly that?

In Yosemite, you dive into the great outdoors and forget the stress of everyday life at home

National Park California

Now let’s end this post in the words of photographer Katie Frederick Jacobson: “It’s so rewarding to travel a long distance and then arrive at a beautiful place”. We just want to complete something. For many people worldwide, traveling is not a hobby, it’s more their way of life. Do you belong to this group too? Then the overview of some of the most beautiful places in the world was certainly interesting for you. By doing so, we wanted to encourage you to get to know other cultures better and to inquire about unknown cities and places that you normally only see in books and films. Hopefully you are now clear about where your next trip is going, right?


Do you already know where your next vacation trip is going?

discover the most beautiful places in the world while traveling

On the golden beaches of Miami, the tourists recharge a lot of sun and new energy

golden beach Miami

The fascinating architecture determines the cityscape of Barcelona and attracts millions of tourists every year

Barcelona impressive architecture

Three big long Bosphorus bridges in Istanbul connect the Orient with the Occident

Bridge Bosphorus connects Orient with Occident Istanbul

Every holiday in the Bahamas is unique and beautiful

Holiday in the Bahamas

The cozy atmosphere of the Greek islands is unique

Atmosphere most beautiful places in the world

A view of the eternal city of Rome

most beautiful places in the world eternal city of Rome

The nightlife never stops in London

Best places in the world London nightlife never stop

Los Angeles with a difference!

most beautiful places in the world Los Angeles with a difference

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