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New wall colors for the kitchen – paint your kitchen fresh

new wall colors in brown

Are you looking for new wall colors for your kitchen?

The change of the wall color can completely transform the appearance and the feeling in a room. Depending on what you do, this can be a very simple method.

If you know some main rules, painting is no longer a problem. See how it works.

Idea combinations for new wall colors

new wall colors in two nuances

Before you start applying the new wall paints!

Before you start, you should make sure that you know enough about the wall colors. Are you well-versed in the characteristics of the different shades? Do you know how these work? Depending on whether they are light or dark, radiant or not, bring a different appearance into the room. It can provide more motivation, exercise or relaxation and intellectual power.

Appetizing colors for the kitchen

red white kitchen interior

Should the room be more dynamic? Then put on warmer nuances like red, orange, yellow. In the kitchen, everyone will eat with more appetite and be more lively and happy.

Nice color combination, right?

new wall colors for the kitchen

Combine the different colors correctly

The lighter shades provide greater amplitudes and dark nuances can make the rooms appear smaller. When you play with the two, but usually the most appealing appearance comes into its own. More dynamic, meaningful colors are on the walls and floors. These should be combined with white work surfaces. Thus, the whole thing seems much more structured, interesting and yet spacious enough.

Emphasize the special area by special color

Cooking area with color accentuate

Which wall should you paint?

You should consider carefully if you repaint one or all walls. If the first is the case for you, think carefully about which side this should be. By running the wall in a special shade you also give it a special meaning. In the living room, this would be behind the sofa, in the kitchen – behind the cooking area, in the bathroom – behind the sink very appropriate.

Great kitchen ambience with vintage furniture

put a bright accent stripe in the kitchen

Combine new wall colors with vintage furniture

Did you buy new vintage furniture for an eclectic room? Maybe the color will not fit so well anymore. Then consider whether you could combine these with walls in garish nuances. In this case, you can only concentrate on one of the walls. I can hardly imagine a cheerful design!

Be current with mustard color

Mustard colored new wall paints for the kitchen

Choose your favorite color under the current trends

Yes, you certainly need to be guided by your personal taste when choosing your new wall colors. But at the same time, it does not hurt to look around a bit at current trends. Because sometimes there are ideas that can perfectly match the current mood.

The green color is also very trendy

green wall paint for the kitchen

White furniture for the kitchen interior

modern gray for the kitchen wall

Vintage kitchen equipment

new wall colors for the vintage kitchen

Integrate New Your favorite colors in the kitchen

new wall paints in lilla

Would you also paint a kitchen wall in gray?

paint a wall in new wall colors

Two bright colors combine, a great idea!

new wall colors kitchen design

The wooden cabinets can be combined well with any color

red kitchen wall colors

Colorful color design for the kitchen

great color combination for the kitchen

Delicate pink for a bright wall painting

delicate nuances for the kitchen


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