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Nursery boy – creative furnishing ideas as a fantasy stimulus

kids room boy nursery boys room design

Practical ideas for a nursery for boys needed? Here are some!

Surprisingly, one hears repeatedly statements of the kind that children’s room for boys should not be too stylish. Who is so conservative, please? Obviously some. Everything must have a masculine character, that’s it.

But the ideas for the design of this nursery should be stylish, original and appealing.

Go boldly through the different catalogs and choose what suits your personal taste. When it comes to styling from the room, you simply have to strive for the whole thing to look great and be very practical. How you manage to meet both these criteria at the same time: we will explain this to you within this article.

Nursery Boy – Let your imagination play along!

children's room for boys nursery room boy nursery ideas

In a nursery (for boys or girls – that does not matter), there must be an area where everything looks like a miracle world. This can also be the linchpin of the room. It could be the area in which the little boy plays with himself. Do you have so much space? Can you set up a play area with various facilities for rock climbing, games, swings?

If not, then a functional element can serve a dual purpose as a play area. This can be done thanks to a slide or other additional constructions for playing.

The color palette

children's room for boys furnishing ideas nursery boy

After you have determined which elements you should place in the room and where they should be, it is about the shades. You have to choose the right color palette. Since it is a boys’ nursery, the colors here should be bold, or include garish accent areas. Also consider how the planned furniture will be inscribed. Can it be that you have to omit some of them? Through this approach, you could just reach a designer look on a cheap way.

The appropriate topics

interior design nursery boy room for boys

Certain themes are still classics for a nursery for boys. This clearly includes the nautical design. If the kid likes this, do not be afraid to implement it in your case as well. Introduce the appropriate nuances. Of course these are all nuances of blue. Also certain elements are great for decoration. Is there maybe a boat in the play area? Also think about the textiles. Carpets and curtains could also be part of the nautical decor.

An idea for the sports fan

boys nursery room for boys nursery boy

Maybe your boy is interested in sports? That’s good and healthy! Promote this hobby! Posters with sports stars from his favorite team could be just the thing for an original interior. The matching accessories could serve for the fact that the boy plays in fact more often itself. While they are not used, they usually represent a wonderful decoration in the room.

Originelle Herangehensweise bei der Gestaltung vom Stauraum

nursery boy nursery room design nursery room

Hanging and / or fancy placed shelves could also be a great part of your interior design. They are not so formal and somehow always cool. That’s why they are in the nursery for boys usually just right.

Kinderzimmer Junge – a furnishing idea for the small-scale children’s room

nursery decor kids room boy nursery boys

Choose a different color than the typical blue for the nursery

interior design nursery nursery boy room design

Design the boys room in an interesting and exciting way

nursery room kids room for boys nursery boy

Create a fairytale world for your boy

young children's room nursery boy's room design

Nursery boy – great wallpaper with ship motives

nursery decorating nursery boy nursery boys

The wicker baskets are a great and decent idea for the nursery

children's room for boys nursery boy room design

Put an accent in the nursery through great wallpapers

nursery design nursery room for boys nursery boy

Would you also choose these colors for your boy’s nursery?

children's room design nursery boy's room

Nursery boy – creative and interesting nursery design as an example

kinderzimmer boy furnishing ideas nursery nursery room for boys


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