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Nursery design ideas and decor suggestions

nice deco ideas for cool kids room

Inspiring Nursery Ideas That You Can Impress

The Nursery design ideas and the appropriate decoration can cost a lot of time and effort. There are many sources of inspiration that are suitable for a variety of occasions, from babies to teens. At the same time, most people feel the need to re-decorate every few years.

And let’s be honest: for many of us, money also plays a very important role. Few can afford to set up a perfect room like the one in the catalog. The solution could be: Create a room that will grow together with the children. So it will still be up-to-date on the first day of the university.

A bright and cozy boy’s room

nursery ideas ideas inspirational suggestions

Creating a truly timeless nursery that evolves with you is not that difficult. That’s why you do not have to worry about it. You can set up a great bedroom, which your child will enjoy even in the student years. You’ll probably like it in your teens as well (yes, we mean this aging, in which you’re just annoyed and answer with a single syllable). Read the guide to your timelessly equipped bedroom:

  1. Choosing a color palette with class

When you have small children in your house, time seems to be flying and the stages are going one by one very quickly. If you already have bigger kids then you probably know the following situation: They buy a great gift and find that their interest has changed since last week. This is thanks to the last great advertising … With the decoration of the teen room it does not look much different! Start with the use of an elegant and upscale color palette. The best way to dominate the neutral shades. Hold on to two or three tones and do not overload the room with flashy nuances.

In a bright and spacious room, your child would feel good

nursery ideas ideas deco ideas to succeed

A successful color combination

Nursery design ideas inspiring pictures

Some parents fear that the room will appear boring in this way. Actually, this creates a blank canvas for your own creative ideas. The first-class color palette is not necessarily less intense! You can opt for blue or red in the boys’ room and pink or white for the girls. They are exciting and encouraging at the same time.

Pink decoration elements in the girls room

children's room ideas children's room that grows with the child

  1. Trendy compromises in decoration

Logically, you should not fill the room with children’s objects if you want to create a space that also “grows big”. A sports car and a princess arouse much fascination at first, but soon after they become boring. Invest in a discreet bed of good quality, which can be transformed into a larger piece over time. You know: cheap stuff costs more in the long run.

Interesting nursery ideas to follow

nursery ideas ideas modern nursery furnishing interesting decoration ideas

Qualitative decoration, which fulfills several functions over time, is a must for children. You can buy wonderful iconic ornaments that will look wonderful in the nursery. The rest of the house you have to equip then also stylish and fashionable. The Capri Bottle by Jonathan Adler, the Bubble Chair and even this pumpkin by Pierre Paulin are just a few of the options available. Use such decoration, which is a compromise between your taste and that of the little one.

The matching decorative elements are of great importance

inspiring decoration ideas for children's room design

Fascinating interior elements

nursery ideas beautiful deco ideas for cool kids room

  1. Funny interchangeable accents

Modern science has provided clear evidence that children become bored much faster than adults. Their brains are set to learn as quickly and record as much information as possible. Even if you invest a great deal of money and mill in creating an incredible ambience, your children’s mood will soon change, but there is a risk that they will not like the new ambiance in a few weeks. Instead, you should opt for a neutral background and playfully deal with the accent colors. A cool black background looks great in the boy’s bedroom. Beautifully pairs with red, relaxed nuances and sports inspiring green tones. A pure white background in the girls’ room with hot pink accents provides a rich and glamorous look.

Think of an original color combination

cool kids room ideas to succeed

  1. Toys, accessories and textiles

Designers recommend the layering process, whether it’s the renovation or the design of the house. What does that mean? Instead of looking at the room as a unit, you should divide it into different areas. You then have to bring out the special character of each one. In the nursery accessories, toys or other unusual additions make a great end. Through these you can refresh everything from time to time, without spending a lot of money. You can use Super Hero inspired bedding to add a fancy look to the whole.

Toys and accessories are an inseparable part of the nursery

nursery ideas ideas boys room furnishings accessories

When it comes to the girls room, one can achieve a similar effect through fairytale characters to Disney. These could be placed on the bedding or perhaps on the pillows. Consider this idea in the toys, wallpaper and posters as well. So you can also transform the room immediately, without being too stressful.

Make the nursery walls interesting

children's room ideas ideas interesting children's room for boys to set up great ideas

Wall wallpaper as a wall design

beautiful boy's room design nursery ideas

  1. Geometric patterns and animal prints

Significant growth has been observed in the use of geometric patterns, elegant stripes and animal prints in children’s rooms in recent years. This tendency also makes sense, because the patterns give the room a playful look. You also make sure that they already serve as a great teen and adult room on the bottom line. Just the flexibility makes them super suitable for the timeless nursery design.

Geometric wall pattern for wall design

Nursery design ideas beautiful deco banners

Floral patterns are a popular choice especially for girls. However, do not choose childish patterns and styles. Make small changes to the other accessories in the area to make sure the room is perfectly adapted to your needs. You can still integrate one or two stickers that look really great in the corner. Over time, this effort will certainly pay off.

Example of animal prints

children's room ideas ideas wall design wall pattern

  1. Consider the storage options again

Is there a room that could use extra storage space? Do you mean the nursery? I would prefer changing baskets in front of the toy boxes. What about the shelves that have been built into the wall? We are pretty sure that your child will not be too demanding as long as his toys are within reach. A bookshelf is also a great addition and this will last many years.

These shelves are particularly functional

beautiful inspirational nursery ideas

A very original wardrobe

nursery ideas ideas boys room great suggestions

Certainly it will come to the replacement of textiles. Change the pillowcases and maybe exchange the wall stickers every one or two years. Did you find the ideas good? Do you already have a plan in mind, like yours Nursery design ideas realize that your nursery stays nice and cozy for many years to come?


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