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Nursery ideas, from old to new!

The children are growing fast and their clothes and nursery furniture are just as fast. And instead of keeping them, disposing of them, or even thinking about what to do with them, we have great “from old to new” nursery ideas ready for you.

Great and practical nursery ideas

Make stuffed animals yourself make toys yourself

Nursery ideas from old clothes

Old children’s clothing is certainly more than enough! The well-preserved clothing may have been kept for a little sister or brother, others want to donate or give away. And some of you can turn them into toys, use them as pillow stuffings, or use them as doll clothes for your grown-up child.

Another crafting idea would be to sew colorful cushion covers from old children’s clothing. Cut out beautiful motifs or scripts and combine them in color.

Give the old nursery furniture a second chance

nursery ideas from old make new

Revive the old children’s furniture

Many parents prefer to buy more and more children’s furniture that is suitable for their child’s age – small tables and chairs, small cribs, mini-desks, etc. The only downside is that they quickly become small for the child and you need new furniture to buy. But what should you do with the old ones? A great idea is z. B. convert the old baby bed to a great desk. From the old baby chest of drawers, you can reshape a great tool cabinet for your big boys. Or from the mini-wardrobe, you can make a small kitchen for your little cook.

Hide the toys in a great way

from old make new nursery ideas diy ideas

Practically use the old stuffed animals

Even if your kids are playing with stuffed animals, you probably have a lot of them who only collect dust. Take a textile sack that can be tied with string from one side. Fill 2/3 of it with stuffed animals and you have a comfortable pouf to sit and a stash for the unnecessary stuffed toys. If you handle the sewing machine well, you can also sew the cloth bag yourself to taste and to match the nursery furniture.

What you are re-creating from the old things and furniture in the nursery depends entirely on your imagination and skill. Think of all sorts of alternatives and if necessary, skate ahead to keep track of your goal. Have fun and be creative!

The old children’s furniture can provide great fun

from old make new children's room ideas

From old baby blankets, you can also make great stuffed animals

children's toys themselves make children's room ideas

Sew a patchwork blanket for the nursery

blanket sew your own room ideas from old

Do not throw away the old nursery furniture

furniture reshaping children's room ideas

A great pleasure for little cooks

children's room ideas children's furniture from old to new

Nursery Ideas for Throw pillows

Cushion sew from old make new nursery ideas

Toybox and bench in one

furnishing ideas nursery room ideas

children's room ideas children's room furniture from old to new

A magic blanket for little princesses

diy ideas nursery blanket nursery ideas

DIY children's room ideas make children's toys themselves

Be creative in redesigning the nursery furniture

practical nursery ideas from old make new

blanket yourself make kid's room ideas

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