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Nursery painting examples – great ideas for wall design

children's room paint ideas wall paint nursery

Delete the nursery in red. Examples of good results

Did you notice that the children feel attracted to the red color in their first years of life? Most parents realize this fact after some time. Do you want to test it? Then have your child choose between two different toys.

One should be in red and the other – in another nuance.

Paint the children’s room. Examples in red

nursery design nursery wall design

The psychic attractive effect of the color is responsible. The red appeals to the senses, which greatly affects the nervous system. But not in all cases it is good. You can use that to trigger a strong energetic reaction. But at the same time you have to ensure by certain means that the whole thing does not get out of control. In epileptics, for example, the too bright red color can even trigger convulsive reactions.

Painting the children’s room. Examples suitable for the teens

painting walls painting room

Avoid red for the nursery pranking at the teenagers! Examples and experiments have been scientifically proven to have a strong promoting effect on sexual development. In any case, at this stage of life, children have difficulty adjusting to a new hormonal condition. You need something reassuring and gentle to find a balance. In a red room you have to reckon with the contrast. In such an ambience, your children’s mood will often decline, and you will always wonder why.

In this case, prefer nursery painting examples that are more associated with other, soothing nuances and colors. Still, you could then use red as an accent in the room.

Different nuances of the red

youth room delete ideas nursery wall design

Of course, there are big differences between the different nuances of one and the same nuances. Even with red it is like that. If you really want to paint the nursery, look for examples that have a softer effect. These could be, for example, nuances such as raspberries, cherries, coral or claret. They have their own, much gentler character.

But even in the other wall colors, you can delete the nursery. We show you more pictures on this topic.

Dark blue baby room walls combined with red furniture

baby room design wall paint nursery

A red teenager room set up

color scheme nursery painting examples

Create a bright ambience with nice green

baby room design nursery ideas

Bright red wall paint for the youth room

color scheme nursery painting room

Pink and purple Wall color combination

children's room ideas nursery painting examples

A red accent wall for the youth room

youth room paint color scheme nursery

Would you design your child’s nursery in these wall colors?

youth room delete nursery delete

Red walls and different colored beds for the nursery

children's room examples

Introduce the red color through the furniture and decorative items

children's room examples children's ideas

Maid room design with pink wall paint

nursery painting examples nursery wall design

How do you like this colorful nursery design?

children's room paint ideas color scheme nursery

Great kids room in peach color

nursery prank ideas youth room stroking

Brown and red in combination

children's room wall design nursery ideas

Paint the nursery walls in two colors

children's room wall design nursery painting ideas

Dots pattern for the girls room

children's room wall decoration walls paint idea

Great combination of colors for the youth room

walls painting ideas nursery painting ideas

Create a summery mood in the nursery

wall paint nursery nursery design

Cot in the middle of the room

wall paint children's room painting

Sun yellow ceiling idea for the nursery

wall paint nursery nursery ideas

Design the nursery in your child’s favorite color

Girls room wall design nursery painting ideas

Choose a nursery curtain in a matching color

wall paint nursery nursery painting examples

Create a happy nursery through a colorful interior

wall paint nursery nursery painting ideas

Two-colored wall design for the girls and boys nursery

wall paint kids room kids room wall design ideas

White-red furniture for the youth room

wall paint nursery nursery wall design

Great space-saving furniture for the small children’s room

wall paint nursery painting ideas

The red wardrobe doors go great with the orange wall paint

walls painting ideas nursery wall design

Mint green wall design for the baby room

wall design nursery coloring children's room

A delicate cream color creates a great ambience

wall design youth room nursery prank ideas


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