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One of the best murals – 30 designs with floral wallpaper

Flower wallpapers have a long history in the designer world. Everyone knows the beautiful wall decorations with colorful motifs such as roses. These wallpapers are now considered a trend and are also categorized as vintage deco ideas. Our editorial team would like to present a selection of the best 30 colorful ideas with floral wallpaper.

Choose colorful ideas for the interior

floral wallpaper cool ideas

With floral wallpaper you create a visual balance in the room

The wall murals with extravagant flowers create a visual balance that brings a lot of personality with it. These decorative elements in the kitchen are particularly elegant because they give the room a delicate look. The numerous designs can also speak about your personal style.

So choose a stylish floral wallpaper that acts as an accent in the room. In other words, you should not use wallpapers with floral motifs as dominating in your interior design, but as a visual supplement. Emphasize the realistic floral prints with stylish colors that blend in with the overall interior design. The floral designs are not much different from the forest wallpaper, because the wallpaper is made with a high quality and very professional. Many prints look particularly realistic and create an artistic look.

The extra large flowers are considered a traditional representation of the wallpaper. So you create a pure art in the interior, which even brings a romantic look with it. Emphasize the delicate colors of the floral wallpaper with a dominant nuance. An example of this is the pink nuance, which is intended as the original color on floral wallpaper. Pink, purple and bright red are among the best Decorating ideas and form a very stylish combination. Extra large roses are recommended by many designers, because these motifs best present the vintage look.

Extra large flowers create a perfect look

floral wallpapers (Motives Decorative Art

Floral wallpapers offer a colorful color palette with many bizarre lines and shades. Try the artistic styles of wallpapers that offer multicolored designs. Many design lovers define this wall design as vintage, because the fairy-tale floral wallpaper remind of the old decorations in the 70s. The vintage colors are loaded with energy and create a beautiful atmosphere.

When it comes to the alternative color scheme of the floral wallpaper, it does not mean that the floral imprints must be colorful. The neutral wallpaper should not be overlooked, because these nuances are defined as a contemporary design.

More and more people fall in love with these colorful floral wallpaper. This decoration is perfect for a youthful and spirited living room or for rooms that need a refreshing look. The spirited accents can transform any room very elegantly. The next picture is proof of that.

Do you have a better idea for wall design with wallpaper?

floral wallpaper deco ideas art wall design


Let the beautiful design elements and motifs convince you, and choose an elegant idea for your next wall design!

Roses create a beautiful vintage atmosphere in the living room

floral wallpaper deco ideas art

Quirky motifs for floral wallpaper in the bedroom look elegant

Choose an interesting color combination that refreshes the space

floral wallpaper color design

The fact is: the kids love this kind of wall decoration

floral wallpaper design ideas

Put on a colorful color palette with creative motives

floral wallpaper ideas

Matte black and floral wallpaper: a unique interior design for 2018

floral wallpaper black

Make the hall more welcoming and comfortable

floral wallpaper stylish look

Extravagant vintage look with colorful elements

floral wallpaper vintage colors design elements

Enjoy the professionally designed shades of floral wallpaper

floral wallpaper wall design color design

Combine the elegant floral wallpaper with the furniture

floral wallpaper

Use this furnishing idea as a supplement to the room

floral wallpaper deco ideas art wall

Create a visual balance with the right color palette

cool floral wallpaper

Realistic design elements are also luxurious

Decoration ideas floral wallpaper

Perfectly designed fresh and cozy interior design

Decorative ideas art floral wallpaper

Mega big roses are considered a spirited trend

Decoration ideas Wall art floral wallpaper

Give the room an energetic atmosphere

Wallpaper ideas wallpaper

Floral wallpapers are perfect for kitchen decor

Color design optics floral wallpaper

Vintage look in the bathroom is quick and easy

Color design optics ideas

Artistic design ideas make for more romance

Motifs floral wallpaper]

Use the floral wallpaper as a visual complement

Motifs Dekoideen Art floral wallpaper

A design highlight in the bedroom

Motive decoration ideas art

The floral wallpapers give the room a vintage look

Motive decoration ideas wall

Imaginative lines are soothing and relaxing

neutral floral wallpaper

Improve the wall design with the matching motifs

Optics Vintage floral wallpaper

These wallpapers provide a unique design language

Optics vintage design floral wallpaper

HD quality lets everyone immerse in nature

Vintage colors design elements floral wallpaper

Realistic and beautiful wall design

beautiful floral wallpaper

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