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Open kitchen thanks to contrasts modern and unique

The open living plan remains current despite many fluctuations in the years. His commitment is also getting wider and more creative. Meanwhile, you can also call the open kitchen as classic. From year to year, only the trends for their modern furnishings change. The current trends allow a contrasting design. In addition to the high aesthetic value, it also has many practical advantages: Contrasts, for example, allow you to clearly define the different zones in the open kitchen. In addition, you can mix great styles with each other. How this works, we would like to illustrate with some examples.

Open kitchen with garden view

In our first example, we see a very bright kitchen design. White has been very popular for this room for several years. We discover the contrast here in two aspects. For one thing, we have some details in the so-called “Dusty Colors”, in this case – soothing gray. The color also appears on the lampshades and on the window frames. The other contrast is the exterior view, which is characterized by rich green colors and traditional garden style.

Contrast between the modern interior design of the open kitchens and the view of the traditional garden

modern kitchen open plan

Accents in soothing shades, metallics

In addition to the “dusty colors”, so many pastel shades, light brown, gray and other soothing shades, the Metallics are also very popular. As you can see in the following example, you can use it to perform certain accent surfaces. They give the different zones in an open kitchen its own character.

Furthermore, it refreshes the atmosphere with great contrasts.

Contrasting details can be found in both zones of the two shared kitchen

separate modern kitchen

Rough elements in rural style

The juxtaposition of modernity and rough aesthetics is very clearly noticeable in modern kitchen design. The second one is used for the design of work surfaces and the execution of certain details. To create such high-contrast looks, one likes to use industrial or rural style elements. You can see that in our picture example.

The accent areas are in contrast to the main palette and main materials

modern cuisine separates with accents in peanuts

The designers of the next kitchen dealt with the juxtaposition of glossy and matt surfaces. This is the contrast between modernity and tradition. Current and classic deco and accessories are equally represented in the accents.

This modern kitchen combines materials with very different character

modern neutral kitchen design with garish accents

New universal colors for the modern kitchen

In the open kitchen of 2019, you can observe a striking color trend: this one deals very much with the use of blue colors. They are found in different nuances, among which Aqaumarin, Navi Blue, Azur are very topical. In this case, we see the blue on the front surface of the kitchen island. For other accent areas you used green and gray. Here they contrast with the white color. Actually, one could achieve a great effect by pairing with light or dark brown. All these shades are quite universal: They are ideal for modern open kitchens. However, such colors are also very suitable for traditional furnishings. So you can count them among the new classics of modern kitchen design.

Gray, green and blue make this open kitchen very original and modern at the same time

Modern open kitchen with green accent wall

Other ideas for contrasty appearance

The possibilities for contrasting modern design for your open kitchen are not mutually exclusive with these strategies. For example, you can combine surfaces in colors with a similar character but different intensity. The already mentioned “Dusty colors” give you in this respect very wide application possibilities. The extremely creative handling of glaring shades, which usually uses a white or neutral kitchen as a starting point, is also very modern at the moment. Finally, we would like to draw your attention to the combination of nature and artificial materials. Here you can unfold your creativity and easily combine wood, stone, concrete and metal.

Thanks to these trends, your kitchen can be adapted to your own taste and taste. In addition, they also follow the tradition and promise to stay up-to-date for a long time.

Dark and light surfaces make up the charm of this modern kitchen design

open kitchen glass wall

Brown shades with varying intensity set the accents and separate the zones in this open kitchen

separate open kitchen glass wall

The division of the kitchen is highlighted by dark and light areas

open kitchen modern high contrast design

The classic black and white palette is broken up here by brown and gray

open kitchen modern fashion plan

In this modern open kitchen, we experience eclecticism through the accent areas in industrial style

open kitchen modern industrial

Accent surfaces emphasize both vertical and horizontal divisions

open kitchen separate design

As part of the open plan, the pastel nuances in the living room and the bright – in the kitchen area – dominate

open kitchen separate kitchen island

The bright open kitchen contrasts with the evening cityscape

various earthy nuances open kitchen


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