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Open plan living room and tips for perfect decor

The golden rules of decor of an open living room design

The open-plan living room layout, which also integrates a dining room and kitchen, is typical of the modern-style interior design in recent years. However, many were unaware of how difficult the appealing furnishings of the rooms are with such a floor plan. You are disappointed because everything is not as appealing as you had imagined. Is that your case too? Forget the regrets, because there are some golden rules that you can make up for.

Learn in our article, which these rules are exactly!

Swipe everything in a contiguous color palette

design living room living room facility

You should paint the room in one and the same color. If you do not like that, then the color palette should be at least monochrome. If each wall gets its own shade, it leads to a fragmented appearance.

A main texture should be everywhere

design living room living room interior design tips

You can use several different textures in the room. One should dominate and should occur everywhere in the room in different places. For example, it makes sense to use similar materials for the work surfaces or fronts of the kitchen cabinets and on the table and in the living room area.

Keep the casual look

The charm of the open plan residential design lives from the serenity. Therefore, this should prevail in any case in the interior and decoration. You can easily mix the styles and put on the eclectic. But do not forget to create a consistent look through corresponding colors and materials. How to preserve the harmony in the room.

Clearly define the separated areas

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The great art of open living room design consists in the structuring, which works without fragmentation. The clever distribution of furniture and strategic kitchen planning allows you to separate different zones in the room. Usually the biggest role is played by the sofa and the kitchen island. Their task is to separate the kitchen or living room area clearly from the rest of the facility.

Various textiles and textures

Living room ideas, living room ideas

The monochrome color palette can make the room boring. The solution would be to mix different textures together. So you can provide variety, without losing the minimalist aesthetic. The latter is key to the good functioning of open plan living. By the way, the different textures and textiles can emphasize zoning within one and the same room.

Sufficient closed storage area

In an open living space we also have many open perspectives. Because of this, chaos and disorder become immediately visible. In order to avoid the bad impression on your guests and to make yourself more comfortable, you should have enough locked up storage space. This is especially true for the kitchen area. There you should store your dishes, products, etc. well in cupboards and other hidden places.

Simple window design

living room interior design ideas

Within the open living space, there must be several major accents that also serve for the zoning in the room. The window decoration would distract the eyes of it and provide a chaotic effect. That’s why you should be very discreet with this element.

Even the smallest objects should be aesthetically pleasing in an open living space. Here you have many broad perspectives from several corners and therefore everything would have to look aesthetically pleasing.

Plan well your insulation and heating

design living room living room ideas

From a modern perspective, the open living room furniture has a big disadvantage and that is not an energy-saving solution. In this regard, you can do something there as well and ensure good insulation. Although the room can not get really warm, on the other side you can use a heater to warm up the whole room. Tricky place are the wide windows. These should also be of the highest quality to make the room too cold during the winter months.

If you have not followed any of these rules so far, this task may seem a bit too challenging for you. But you can also see it differently: The open living room planning forces you to be very picky and critical in the living room furniture. You are only looking for items that are aesthetic and also have a practical use.

Within the open living space there must be several accents

decorating ideas living room decorating

A colored piece of furniture can spice up the boring, monochrome appearance

tips living room design living room

The charm of the open plan residential design lives from the serenity

living room design ideas living room

The great art of open living room design consists in the structuring

living room furniture ideas of living room decoration

You should paint the room in one and the same color

living room ideas ideas living room facility

Use several different textures in the room

living room design living room furniture setup tips

The open plan requires a good heating

living room ideas living room furniture

decoration living room design living room

living room design living room living room ideas


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