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Order your fun felted plant box online

planter felt handmade pink chick

Original planter in animal form

Do you like succulents, cacti and air plants? Yes, they are easy to care for, very robust and look great. We are very excited about these plants and like to surround ourselves with them. A new study says that cacti and succulents neutralize the magnetic and electrical radiation and provide positive energy.


So, do not just put a pair of them in your home, but also on your desk. Do you find the traditional planters pretty boring? By the way, we too. If you are looking for more good mood and love cute animals, we have a perfect alternative for your planters ready. You can embellish them with creative flower pots. Stella Melgrati makes these funny felt planters by hand and sells them Etsy , Rummaging for fresh ideas, we found them by accident. Take a look for yourself and choose your funny planter beautifier.

Sleeping cats made of felt

planter felt animals cats

These types of plants need very little water, so they fit perfectly with the felt as a material. The felt itself is also very durable and its soft surface avoids scratches on the furniture surface. The planters can be ordered in different colors and you get them in small cardboard boxes. Very simple and very comfortable. Surprise a good friend, your partner or even your children with such a sweet planter. Do not you know anyone who likes succulents and cacti? Then make yourself a present and look forward to the positive charisma that spreads these felt-over pots. You can even stroke the soft surface from time to time. This calms and helps you to concentrate better at work. Try it out!

Sweet felt cat in beige

planter felt handmade beige cat

The happy chick in yellow

planter felt handmade happy chick yellow


If you prefer gray

planter felt handmade gray cat

The simple flower pot is completely transformed

Plant container felt dog animal

Here is a cute felt dog planter

plant container felt handmade dog animal

If you are not superstitious

planter felt black cat

Cat in modern mustard color

planter felt handmade cat asleep

Stylish felt Ombre style planter

planter felt handmade ombre style

If you like it monochrome and passionate

planter felt handmade red

Or do you prefer the natural colors?

planters felt handmade round natural-colored succulents


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