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Oriental lamps create a fairytale flair – The magic of the Orient

oriental lamps hanging lights glass mosaic

Gorgeous oriental lamps for your home

What is your first association when you hear about the oriental style of furnishing? Do not you think about 1001 nights? We all know this fairytale atmosphere where dreams come true. Shiny, gossamer fabrics flutter sensually in the dim light, while the exotic aromas of spices and rose oil flow into the warm air.

Curved lines, rich wood carvings, and filigree ornaments made of silver, gold, and bronze enchant us. A colorful, soft Kelim invites us to go barefoot. Silent, lively melody makes our hearts beat faster and the shimmering scented candles mesmerize us.

Stunning floor lights in an oval shape

oriental lamps round lights bedside lamps

It does not just have to be a dream. How about if you can enjoy such a fairytale atmosphere at home every day? That is very accessible. You only need to furnish your apartment, or at least a room of it, in the oriental style of living. As a start, it could be enough if you only get some home accessories in this style. You can, for example, with oriental lamps begin.

The magic of the Orient

oriental lamps shine mystically

As with the other style elements, you will also have a rich choice of shapes, materials, and ornaments here. Oriental lamps are also available in all possible versions – as suspended lamps, ceiling, and wall lamps, floor, floor, or bedside lamps. Depending on what kind of lamps you would like to have, you can choose the right ones. Of course, a combination of these can prove to be quite useful.

Natural materials and simple forms

oriental lamps house of asia products light up

Our favorites in things oriental lamps are clearly the Moroccan lights and lanterns. These can be made of silver, copper, or bronze and enchant with their oval, bulbous profiles. Many of them look like they are made of delicate metallic lace. Others are mainly made of colored glass, which has been designed in beautiful patterns as a mosaic. The most popular motifs are flowers, tendrils, and, of course, the sun.

Discover magnificent treasures

oriental lamps round light colorful glass mosaic

Artful handwork

oriental lamps moroccan lantern glittering stones

So, if you already have enough of understated, minimalist decor and really want to pamper your senses, do something for it! Opt for oriental lamps or simply for any elements and fabrics that are typical of the oriental interior design style. Turn your home into an oasis of joie de vivre and exotic sensuality!

Filigree tip of the metal

oriental lamps Moroccan-light

A silver lotus blossom

oriental lamps lotus light silver

Delicate tendril pattern and mystical light

oriental lamps filigree floral pattern cylindrical

1001 night atmosphere

oriental lamps moroccan design architecture

Organic shapes and gold gloss

oriental lamps organic design jk kitchen and bath designs

Far-Eastern flair with masterful drawings

oriental lamps chinese design light fixture

Typical Japanese paper lanterns

oriental lamps japanese lanterns

Bedside lamp in Arabic style

oriental lamps bedside lamp drawing asian

Thai design in white linen

oriental lamps thai design vaulted oval shapes

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