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Original LED lamp gives glass bottles a romantic touch

led light glass bottles bottle cap

The innovative LED light from Suck UK

We love creative DIY ideas with used objects , And how is it with you? This type of creation combines perfectly with originality and sustainability. One feels satisfied and proud of such a decoration or piece of furniture in which one has actively participated.

Today we present you a hybrid of the British company Suck UK in front. This product is a clever idea for subtle, romantic light. It’s about a small LED light, which actually fulfills the function of a bottle cap and is covered with corks on the upper side. At first glance, this lamp looks like a conventional lid. But if you look closer, you notice the difference. Of course, the wow-effect comes only with the turning on of the light. The LED light is charged by a USB socket. It takes about 1 hour and then it lights up for about 3 hours.

Any type of standard opening bottle is suitable

led light glass bottles bottle cap cork

So do not throw away your old glass bottles! With it, you can make beautiful vintage lights in an instant. Also use colorful bottles for an even more attractive look. Combine bottles of different shapes and sizes. Do not just put them on the table, but also on the windowsill or in the bathroom for a refined, romantic atmosphere. The luminous bottles are a perfect decoration for your garden or balcony especially for the warm summer nights. Such LED lights are also suitable as effective gifts, with which you can surprise your loved ones.

Take a look at everything and start collecting cool glass bottles now.

The USB socket is delicately hidden under the corks

led light glass bottles romantic lighting lamps

Even individually, such a luminous bottle is very original

LED light transparent bottle bottle cap

Small but nice

led light bottle cap korke

All you have to do is plug in!

led light glass bottles bottle cap usb

Wait 1 hour – Enjoy 3 hours

led light glass bottles lid charge usb

Lovely window lighting

led light glass bottles lid light up

The wind can not bother you anymore

led light glass bottles romantic table lighting

Use measuring cups for an even more unusual effect!

led light measuring instruments bottle cap cork


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