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Original paper lamps give the ambience a summery taste

Paper lamps are not only stylish and modern. They have become the symbol of these features in interior design. They have also become super current with another property: They make your house a place where it is really comfortable to live. The shapes they have can range from super easy to real and mystical. Today, we have prepared for you an overview of the tendencies in their shapes and techniques.

Creative lamp idea as a balloon

Paper Lamps Hanging Lamp Round Balloon Diy

Imitation of organic forms

Many paper lamp models mimic organic forms. They do not do that in an unmediated way. They really look like flowers or other objects from nature. From the animal and especially from the underwater world has also borrowed many ideas.

Lovely jellyfish light

Paper lamps pendant lamp white jellyfish

The simplicity of the round shape

Many modern paper lamps are simply round. They bring nothing more than that to light. So it is all the more sweeping, how you can achieve a lot of variety and diversity only on the basis of this one form.

Simple pendant lamp as origami

paper lamps hanging lamp round origami model

Paper Lamps Hanging Lamp DIY Shed Orange Yellow

The Stripes

Also, the striped models are super modern with the paper lamps. Even with this type of design you can experience a great variety by drawing inspiration directly from nature. They can sometimes be tied together or freely falling down. The strip lights could look like hair or like the flowers of an exotic plant.

Folded, bell-shaped table lamps

paper lamps hanging lamp folded bells


You can not say much about it. You can not avoid origami shapes when it comes to paper. It’s almost too much to say. The trend to integrate them into the interior design, just does not let up.

Hedgehog-style pendant lamp in white

paper lamps hanging lamp origami design

DIY projects

Finally, let’s talk about the DIY projects! DIY paper lamps are currently being made almost of all kinds. Pens, Kaffeetassen- and cups, and really everything possible is used here.

Cool newspaper collage

paper lamps hanging lamp pendant light newspaper collage round

Colorful DIY ideas

paper lamps hanging lamps paper lanterns colorful

Organic molds from muffin baskets

Paper lamps hanging lamp organic shapes

Simple geometric shapes

paper lamps hanging lamp origami abstract white

Origami lantern in orange

paper lamps hanging lamp oval origami

Make pendant lamp from old books yourself

Paper Lamps Hanging Lamp DIY Creative Old Books Newspapers

Round table lamp made of paper rolls

Paper lights hanging lamp round paper rolls

Metal sphere with star ornaments

paper lamps hanging lamp round stars sun ornaments

Minimalist design in black

Paper lamps hanging lamp black minimalist

Fluffy fringes of white paper

Paper lights hanging lamp white paper

Smart DIY idea from coffee filters

paper lights hanging lamp coffee filter

Elegant pendant lamp made of paper strips

Paper lights hanging light paper strips

Stylized flowers as a lamp decoration

Paper lights hanging lamp round white stylized flowers

Make a cool globe suspension lamp

Paper lamps pendant lamp round collage globe

Unique floor lamp made of paper cups

Paper lamps floor lamp make paper cup

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