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Outdoor and terrace furniture 2019 – simple, but quite noticeable!

Terrace furniture, as well as the outdoor furniture in general, are getting simpler in their look. Most innovations involve achieving a very strong visual effect with little effort and creative ideas. Here are some examples: Modern are the sweeping silhouettes, compact wicker furniture, the mixing of bold colors and eye-catching patterns. Let’s take a closer look together.

The vaulted lines characterize the outdoor and terrace furniture 2019 very strong

arched lines are modern


Terrace furniture with vaulted silhouettes

Less outdoor furniture can visually fill the room. For this they have to be perfectly positioned. In addition, they could come through the right shapes properly. That’s why designers have also designed swinging silhouettes of outdoor furniture.

Terrace furniture 2019: glass and wood – one of many possible combinations

glass and iron popular combination

Experiments with different materials

Plush upholstery, wicker furniture, teak, iron and stainless steel can be combined almost arbitrarily this year. This is a wonderful idea, especially for do-it-yourself projects. Quickly you can use such a procedure to make a piece of furniture in a garden or in the terrace design look original.

Stylish yet very eye-catching and invigorating are the current color trends

oriental flair

Stylish colors that fill the room with energy

The eye-catching colors in the terrace design do not have to be any. They should fill us with energy. Greenery, aqua, tropical and ocean-inspired nuances are typical examples. You can just put an accent with it.

Our tip : Wicker furniture in garish shades are super in 2019.

Throw pillows have a leading role in outdoor design 2019

bold-color combinations-dekokisse


Seat and Throw pillows

The simple furniture could sometimes be a little uncomfortable. Investing in upholstered upholstered furniture could not be a good idea for you this year. A win-win solution would be to set up with comfortable seat and decorative cushions. This not only makes the furniture more comfortable. You can also visibly refine these. For the throw pillows, the eye-catching colors are modern.

Rural style and classic elegance are paired here

white set wonderful to the validity

Mix of styles in the 2019 terrace design

If you’re trying to find a modern style for terrace and garden design 2019, you have it relatively easy. There are many who happen. The simple reason for this is that eclectic mixtures dominate strongly outdoors. After all, some styles are particularly strong. That’s about the boho and the rustic design.

Summer life is now almost exclusively outdoors

subtle color accents through plants

Entertainment outside

When it gets really comfortable out there, the conversation is easy. Furnishings and accessories, as well as storage space for these, make up a part of it. You borrow a lot of ideas from the interior. Wall shelves and furniture with storage space under the seat can now also be quiet outside.

Basically one observes the omission of differentiations and limits. Mediterranean, traditional and Indian elements are mixed together. Interior and exterior zones are not really separate. A larger part of our lives takes place under the open sky. With the new trends, the designers send us the clear message that summertime is short and we have to make the most of it. So we are also full of energy and positivism for the rest of the year.

Blue-green shades are super modern

teal super up to date

The carved patterns often adorn the outdoor wrought iron furniture

inlaid pattern schwart klassik on white ground

Rural in color and silhouette, modern in design

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Hygge style is very current in the outdoor area

hygge outside

Simple retro elegance with small modern accents is also current

retro and simple

Rich red is one of the popular colors this season

rich-red accent

Beautiful patterns and saturated colors divide the different zones perfectly

different patterns oriental mosaic perfect zonireung

As close as possible to nature in 2019 is announced


White forged iron table with decoration

white wrought iron

Bright white fabrics are now very relevant

white shining on dark furniture


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