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Outdoor Wedding – When the wedding takes place in the garden …

The happiest day in your life – that’s how you describe your wedding day … That’s why you go to a long and hard time precise planning in advance puts. We often hear people say, “good planning is half the battle”, for us that’s the key to success. Stress just does not have to be there! First and foremost is choosing the right location for the event. Of course this is closely related to the style of the wedding and the number of guests. So there is always the question before the bridal couple: a huge party or a small wedding party with the lovely people? Would you like to have all your relatives and friends around you on this important day? Or do you prefer a wedding without too much excitement? Regardless of whether you are planning a big wedding or organizing a nice, funky party in a tight circle, you pay close attention to every detail. Regardless of whether formality plays a major role or not, there is much to do if you are hoping to have a beautiful wedding … For those who want to have an outdoor wedding, we have gathered some inspirational ideas.

The garden wedding has a lot of charm

wedding celebration garden decoration in white with flowers and veils

What to look for is:

  • Good organization If you do not want to book a restaurant, and you do not like the idea of ​​renting an event hall, then a garden wedding is a good solution for you. And not just in good weather! But even in this case, certain decisions must be made. Catering service, florist and DJ should be booked on time.

    The menu and the wedding cake should also be completely rethought. The division of the space and the guest seats also takes some planning. With a checklist everything is faster and easier.

Fresh and festive mood spread through flowers

garden party ideas for the garden wedding romantic decoration

  • Other aspects of wedding planning : After the wedding follows a party with a program – dances and speeches come into play. The entertainment of the guests is one of the most important requirements for a successful wedding. Carefully selected music and games are of considerable importance: something that takes a lot of time. The wedding dance is more pleasant outdoors! Preparing food, decorating a wedding table and decorating are further obligations that accompany the preparation of a nice garden party.

Put accents in pink

garden party garden wedding with festive table decoration in pink

  • Hochzeitsdeko : The wedding decoration plays an equally important role in wedding planning. For a successful wedding, we advise you to consider the wedding decoration properly. But in the garden that is a bit easier, we dare to say.

Hang flower wreaths

hanging on a wedding flower wreaths in the garden

Creative garden decoration in vintage style

wedding party fancy garden decoration for the wedding

Stylish and romantic decorating the garden

If you have a really nice garden, you are lucky! Then you do not need to consider an abundant decoration. The beautiful landscape and the elegant garden decoration are enough. Of course, it would be good to bring some festive mood by matching accessories in the garden. Party mood is announced!

The outdoor area can look stylish and at the same time romantic

wedding celebration garden decoration in white

Beautiful floral wreaths decorated with ribbons are the highlights that ensure the festive atmosphere achieved.

Vintage wedding

Do you want to make the wedding party look a little more charming? Then a vintage background would be quite suitable, because it guarantees as much romance at the celebration! To cut the cake at midnight in such a romantic atmosphere is a real experience!

Creative and vintage

wedding party, gartendeko ideas in vintage style

Festively decorate the wedding table

wedding party garden party for wedding organizing and nice table decoration

With the right table decoration, matching paper napkins and colorful deco lights, you can easily create a vintage look.

Moonlight – wedding

To confess his love under the starry sky sounds so romantic! … It is possible on a moonlight wedding! They make the party very personal! Professional fireworks should not be missing and ensures a cheerful atmosphere.

The wedding day will be a beautiful memory for life …

wedding party ideas for a moonlight wedding

The weather

The weather is volatile and can cause bad surprises at an outdoor wedding. The main thing: The wedding is not successful! Organization is the keyword here!

Even in bad weather you can party outside. Umbrellas ensure the well-being of the guests and canopy offers protection to the bridal couple. And when the rain gets too strong you can rely on pavilions and tents. An original wedding celebration is guaranteed! Matching umbrellas and colorful rubber boots for the brown hair give an original touch of the wedding. Large party tents with wide side walls, on the other hand, offer full protection when things get really extreme! In cold weather, some models also have radiant heaters and fire baskets provide more light before the sun rises.

Organizing the wedding outdoors is a bit risky, but there is a suitable solution for every situation

garden party outdoor wedding with canopy

The good planning protects against unpleasant surprises

wedding celebration in the garden decorating wooden furniture with flowers

With a little creativity you transform the outdoor area into a beautiful space suitable for the wedding party. The details play a significant role! The biggest celebration in the life of future spouses should be a nice experience for the bride and groom and for all guests! …

The clever combination of flowers and lights creates a romantic ambience

garden party wedding party embellish with fairy lights

Deco garlands and deco chains make for a festive atmosphere at the wedding party

Garden party ideas for a small wedding

The combination of candles and flowers creates a charming garden décor for the wedding celebration

garden party in the backyard for the wedding

Gentle accents in the decoration set

wedding party ideas with hanging floral deco

wedding celebration in the garden fresh decoration

garden party organize wedding in the garden and get flower decoration

garden party colored garden deco for the wedding

wedding party in the garden white tablecloths and fresh floral decorations

garden party wedding party in the garden with beautiful floral decoration

wedding celebration in the garden with many flowers

organize a garden party, organize a wedding in the open air and festively decorate the table

garden party beautiful festive table with balloons for the wedding

wedding celebration, wedding, wedding, flower, decorations

wedding celebration decorate garden wedding with fairy lights

organize wedding party garden wedding and make a fresh decoration

wedding celebration organizing wedding in the garden

wedding party original garden decoration with photos

wedding celebration romantic garden decoration with hanging mason jars

organize garden party in the garden and plan the wedding in white

wedding party deco ideas for the garden

wedding celebration vintage garden decoration for the wedding

garden party fancy garden decoration for the festtafel

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