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Paint plastic panels to freshen up the living space

deleting ideas on plastic panels

Paint plastic panels to be in step with the fashion

Do you want to give your plastic panels a new look? Then we have the right tips for you.

The plastic panels are often used as ceiling or wall covering. But unfortunately they are completely out of fashion.

With fresh colors, you can spice up your old wall panels and be back in step with the fashion.

Color combination dark gray and white

paint dark color around plastic panels

However, there are different types of plastic panels (made of polystyrene and hard plastic – melamine) that do not absorb the paint easily.

The polysyrene panels are usually made of styrofoam. These can also be painted with normal wall paint. Avoid colors that get solvents as they attack the plastic.

Choose one or even two colors that suit your taste and get down to business.

Fresh colors for the bathroom

Plastic panels in the bathroom

Here are some tips on how to successfully paint the plastic panels.

1. Take a finely grained sanding paper and rough the art panels.

2. Remove the sanding dust completely with a sponge and water. Wait until everything is completely dry.

3. Now you can start with the primer. This is best suited for the acrylic primer. Wait until everything dries up well.

Start with the primer

Foam roller to paint plastic panels

4. With a foam roller and acrylic paint you will be able to paint the plastic panels well. This will give you an effect of painted surfaces. It is important that you cross the plastic panels without interruptions. With a brush you also stroke the grooves.

5. Finally, use an acrylic varnish to complete everything. Again, be sure to paint in one pass as the paint dries quickly and a re-batch will be visible.

Have fun redesigning your walls.

Colorize with the device

in bright colors paint plastic panels

Dark brown color

in black paint

The white color makes the room appear larger

Refresh plastic panels

Spice up the bathroom with gray

plastic panels for the bathroom

Polka dot pattern idea

Paint old plastic panels

Green is in

Paint plastic panels in green

Prank idea for the corridor

plastic panels in blue

White ambience

plastic panels paint in white


plastic panels paint in brown

Mirror as a wall decoration

plastic panels prank ideas

White plastic ceiling

bedroom prank ideas

Brightness in the room

paint walls in bright colors

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