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Paint stones and other practical decoration ideas

For all craft fans and creative minds today we have prepared great, interesting and cheap decoration ideas with stones. With the following ideas we want to stimulate and challenge your creativity. Whether you want to paint the stones or keep them beautiful, of course, is up to your taste. Just read on and follow our suggestions or just those that are of interest to you.

A green decoration for every room

stones painted diy decoration craft ideas

Paint stones as cactuses

For those of you who have no green thumb and are not so familiar with plant care, we suggest the following alternative idea, a cactus painted stones to tinker. This will decorate your office or coffee table wonderfully and refresh.

For this goal you need some round and elongated stones in different sizes and acrylic colors in different shades of green.

Paint the stones and let them dry well. Put in gravel or sand in a glass bowl, small pot or a decorative tin. On the dried, green stones, paint the spines with white paint or a marker. Decorate the stones accordingly by putting them in the pot.

Make a nice candle holder without effort

candleholder stone decoration ideas stones painted

Candlesticks made of stones

If you like to collect stones from different places as souvenirs, but you do not know exactly where to go? The next cool project is just right for you. Make a candlestick out of it. You just need some glue and imagination. To make them a bit more colorful, you can paint the stones or beautify them with the napkin technique in advance.

Show your creativity

stones painted diy murals


Make a mural yourself

Create your own piece of art made of stones! Glue on a piece of fabric in a desired shape and place it in picture frames or make the stone art directly on the wall. In this way, you will make an effective and inexpensive wall decoration without much effort yourself.

The doormat is also used in the bathroom

doormat stones paint deco ideas yourself

Bath or door mat

An easy and accessible way to enjoy the beauty of nature at home. In order to realize this project, you will need boulders, rubber mat and glue.

The first thing you should do is sort the stones by width, otherwise the mat will become unstable. When you’re done with this first step, you can start gluing. Apart from the selected shape, round or rectangular, always start to stick the stones from the middle. Stick the bigger stones first and the smaller one at the end, if you have to correct any gaps.

Admit that these ideas are interesting and worthwhile! Follow them and you will find out for yourself that they are quick and easy to implement.

Paint ordinary stones and make them as marble stones

Paint diy decoration stones

Make picture holder from stone yourself

Imagine yourself making diy decoration ideas

A cheap and great decoration

decorating stones stones

The stones are suitable for decoration of all kinds

diy decoration stones paint decoration make yourself

diy decoration stones painted stones decorate

Change the kitchen back wall

Creative Craft Ideas Stone Decorations DIY Deco Ideas

Make flowerpot out of stones

make your own planters paint stones

Paint stones and just place them somewhere as a decoration

make stones decorate yourself

Also, pick the stones by color

stones painted deco stones stones diy ideas

A great decoration for every room

Paint your stones yourself

Paint the stones and use them as a Christmas tree decoration

Paint your stones yourself making Christmas decorations yourself

Another creative and practical idea with stones

Decorating your own table make stones

murals themselves make stones paint

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