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Paint walls – color ideas in dark shades

walls paint color black accent wall

Walls paint ideas – dark-colored suggestions on how to design the room

The dark walls could look especially nice and elegant. But most people are afraid to include them in the interior. The dark wall design can completely transform a room. The dark shades are able to make even smaller rooms look great, although there is a general opinion that small rooms should be designed in bright shades.

In this article we will share a few Walls paint color ideas with who you might inspire!

Living room with dark walls looks elegant

walls stain colors fresh carpet

Combination of black and red is particularly successful

walls stained black and red


Dark walls in the bedroom

bedroom design black walls

Of course, it would not be a good idea to paint the whole room in a dark color, e.g. Black, shape. Aesthetically, that would not look very nice. An accent wall would be quite enough! Black is a great background, where different decorating ideas and accessories are emphasized. Make your room look livelier by adding bold shades to the interior. Color contrast helps you to create a space that, despite the presence of dark shades, does not look uncomfortable and oppressive.

Dark walls and white sofa – nice combination!

walls, paint, stylish living room

Spice up the dark walls with fresh interior elements

walls stain colors living room interior

Dark brown in the bedroom

dark wall design bedroom design

If the dark wall design seems too unnatural, then put on dark furniture. This is still a great way to create a contrast in the room, and if you have a large wall unit, you will achieve almost the same end effect.

Living room with black wall

black living wall living room design

Wall unit with fireplace in black

Accent wall with fireplace living room design

The color balance is important for the room appearance

dark ebony design white furniture

Wooden furniture looks great in a black room

dark living room shape ideas

Dark blue accent wall

walls paint color dark blue

Dark wall design and white ceiling

walls paint color elements wooden elements

Dark accent wall with mirror

walls, paint, wooden furniture

Dark wall with decoration

walls paint color white sofa

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