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Palm Sunday – from the Christian tradition to modern house decoration

Every country, every culture, and religion has its own unique habits and patterns of behavior that we call customs. These are deeply rooted in our everyday lives, so that they are indispensable. But on the contrary. In every religion old customs are gladly practiced and maintained by their followers. So today are such holidays as Easter and Christmas For millions of people worldwide, special family celebrations, which are often celebrated in the close circle of friends and family. But today we want to draw your attention to a special festival before Easter, namely Palm Sunday. We will tell you in a moment what we know about this old Christian custom and how we continue to cultivate it and how to celebrate Palm Sunday today. In addition, we will show you imaginative deco ideas for Palm Sunday, which create a festive atmosphere in your four walls and which one likes to use. Stay tuned and learn more!

The old tradition of celebrating Palm Sunday has its place in modern life as well.

Palm Sunday

  • What the Christian tradition teaches us on Palm Sunday?

On Sunday before Easter, the Christian world commemorates Palm Sunday, which is an important festival in the church’s annual calendar. This is always the last Sunday in Lent and just after Palm Sunday, Holy Week begins. This reaches its peak on Easter Sunday.


In between are Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Maundy Thursday is today received as a call to active charity. Good Friday is a day of grief. Do you know exactly what the word “kar” means? It is derived from the old German “chara” and means mourning. According to biblical tradition, on that day the Son of God was condemned and crucified in Jerusalem. Only on Easter Sunday is his resurrection celebrated.

According to traditions, Palm Sunday has been celebrated in Europe since the eighth century.

Palm Sunday in Europe

But let’s come back to Palm Sunday. Since the 8th century, this Christian festival is celebrated in Europe. In the morning, Christians go to church in churches, usually with palm branches. With this they commemorate the entry of Jesus on a donkey to Jerusalem, where he was triumphantly received by large crowds. People laid palm branches on the streets and welcomed Jesus. The palm branch was then a symbol of salvation and blessing. This custom has been well preserved throughout the centuries. Today, Catholic Christians are bringing “palm fronds” to the church for consecration.

The old Christian tradition lives on.

Palm Sunday old Christian tradition lives on

In Germany and other European countries where palm trees do not grow due to the cold climatic conditions, palm branches are replaced by boxwood twigs, pussy willow or juniper. In Southern Europe, Christians bring olive branches or weeping willow branches to the church on Palm Sunday, where large processions are organized on that day. The green branches are brought home after the solemn Mass, where they serve as decoration. They should protect the home from lightning and fire.

Palm trees used to be sacred trees

Palm trees used to be sacred trees


Today palm branches mainly fulfill decorative tasks

Palm Sunday celebrate palm branches today decorative tasks

  • Tradition and decoration in one

As we have already mentioned, palm consecration is at the center of the Christian custom on Palm Sunday. In the church, the green branches (palm, pussy willow, boxwood, juniper, holly, yew) are blessed with holy water and then brought home. There you have to attach them to the crucifix or at least decorate a room with them. Green is understandably the dominant color in palm decoration, it also symbolizes the new beginning in life. When decorating with the palm branches your imagination knows no bounds. Tucked into vases, hung on the wall or lying on the table, the large, bound branches bring a fresh note into the room. With this, you can make large crosses as you wish, reminiscent of the death and resurrection of Jesus. These are usually placed next to a religious image.

Palm trees decorate the churches on Palm Sunday

Church decorate palm branches on Palm Sunday

You bring the blessed palm branches home and arrange your own decoration on Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday own decoration at home with palm branches

The old tradition lives on and that is unlikely to change. Small children are also looking forward to this party, because there comes the “Palmhase” and brings them small gifts. The Palmhase is the harbinger of the Easter bunny , And what is a “palm donkey”? Today this is the name of the family member who gets up last on Palm Sunday. Funny, is not it?

When decorating with palm branches, you can put all your ingenuity into play.

Wonderful room decoration on Palm Sunday with palm branches at home

How you celebrate Palm Sunday in your family, traditional or more modern, you can decide for yourself. Decorate your home with palm branches and prepare for Easter! It comes only a week after Palm Sunday!

Have fun celebrating wishes you the editors!

Processions are also organized on Palm Sunday in many places in Germany.

Procession Palm Sunday in many places of Germany

Green is the dominant color in the decoration for Palm Sunday

Decoration for Palm Sunday Green dominant color

You can also bring kitten twigs and spring flowers to the church

Palm kitten Branches Spring flowers Celebrate Palm Sunday

Pussy-willow branches can bind you together with other green branches.

Bunch of pussy willow branches to celebrate other green palm sunday

And arrange your own decoration for Palm Sunday at home

Own deco arrange your home Palm Sunday

Tie a green wreath of palm branches and decorate it with the front door!

Palm Sunday celebrate palm branches tie to the wreath front door decorate

On Palm Sunday, the Christian world commemorates the Passion of Jesus


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