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Paper flowers are made with patience and attention to detail

Although cut flowers are among the classics on many occasions, they are increasingly becoming the bone of contention not only among environmentalists and fair trade advocates. Very often it is also about the different connotations that have the color and the number of flowers in a bouquet. Especially when it comes to different cultural backgrounds, some things can go wrong in the choice of flowers. You already know. For example, white is not the color of the bride anywhere in the world. In India, she is the mourning color. On the contrary, the bridal color is red there. To go to the wedding in a red dress would take some getting used to here in Europe, is not it? Similarly with the number of flowers in a bouquet. In this country, it does not matter so much whether you give away ten or eleven roses. Nobody will find it bad. But if you give away an even number of flowers in some Eastern European countries, the recipient will feel quite uncomfortable, because there is a straight flower number to honor the dead usual.

Apart from that, flowers are simply unbeatable and always bring a special touch with them. They beautify the ambience and bring us joy. It is no wonder that artists paint flowers and make different materials. Kids want Make paper flowers and interior designers often rely on floral patterns. So you can also understand how great was our fascination, as we on the fairy tale floral frenzy of Cobra Lily on Instagram have encountered.

Artistic perfection and attention to detail

paper flowers crafting delicate blossom paper art

Cobra Lily in German Kobralilie is actually the online shop of the American artist Kate Alarcón. The Cobra lily is a lovely and very rare plant of the tubeweed family. It is typical of Northern California and the Northwest Pacific in general. Just as rare and irritating is Kate’s creative work.

She makes beautiful flowers from crepe paper. Depending on requirements, thicker paper as well as cardboard and tissue paper are used. The artist has a weakness for spring flowers such as daffodils and peonies, but also magical roses, orchids and even cactus and succulents can be found in her shop. Not only do they look incredibly real, they are also easy to maintain, and understandably quite durable, unlike real flowers.

Take a look at these beautiful paper flowers and beautify your home or festive table!

Delicate spring flowers to give away

paper flowers crafting daffodils peonies poppies paper art spring flowers

Colorful thimbles

paper flowers craft paper art colorful summer flowers bells

For real daffodil fans

paper flowers tinker colorful paper daffodils yellow white

Are you on succulents?

paper flowers crafting diy ideas deco succulents paper art

The Cobra lily itself

paper flowers make yellow flowers

Magical yellow roses

paper flowers tinker yellow roses paper art

Enchantingly real – the nasturtium

paper flowers crafting nasturtium orange flowers paper art

Majestic orchids

paper flowers tinker orchid paper art

paper flowers craft paper art flower decoration

paper flowers tinker paper art flowers fold yellow flowers

paper flowers craft paper art diy decoration ideas

paper flowers craft paper art peonies

paper flowers craft paper art red roses

paper flowers craft paper art summer flowers

paper flowers crafting pink rose paper art

paper flowers craft summer flowers succulents bouquet

paper flowers tinker colorful paper art

paper flowers tinker succulents diy ideas

paper flowers tinker white peony paper art

paper flowers crafting cacti succulents

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