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Paper right – make your walls with new wallpaper

properly attach wallpapers to the wall

Do you have new wallpapers? Attach these in the right way!

Installing the new wallpaper on the wall is one of the easiest tasks there is. For this to work well, you should first learn some basic tips. Once you have them on it, then everything will be fine afterwards! Promised!

Everything can and must work wonderfully. You just have to avoid these little wrong steps, which could then have really big consequences.

Wallpaper pattern wallpaper properly

wallpaper correctly pattern wallpaper

New wallpaper with patterns

Let’s start with the most difficult task. This would be namely, to apply patterned wallpaper. You should cut the wallpaper in such a way that the patterns that are placed next to each other together look like one unit. To achieve this, the master page should always face upwards.

The strips you cut off should be slightly longer than the wall height. They should be so wide that you can easily hold them with your hands.

Concentration and enough light are needed when wallpapering

properly paper diy

Give yourself enough time

Do not start gluing the new wallpaper in the late evening. First of all, you need concentration and good light. Second, the glue must remain on the wallpaper for a while so that it can be easily attached afterwards.

Allow adhesive to penetrate well

properly wall the wall

The new wallpaper must remain with the adhesive on the wall for about 3 hours. When attached to the wall, every piece above has to be a bit higher. This can be glued to the ceiling for the first time. After that it will be relatively easy to remove it from there.

Fold wallpaper with the pattern side up

paper correctly methods

Attaching to the wall of your new wallpaper

You should fold the wallpaper with the pattern side up. Leave the edges free and round, do not press them so that no edges form.

Remove inequalities

smooth out wallpapers

Also have a plastic spatula ready for you. With this you can quickly remove the inequalities after attaching. Furthermore, you can the remaining pieces to the top and evl. remove to the bottom.

Do you like wallpapering?

properly paper in the bedroom

For the wallpaper without patterns, the same applies. Only here you have it a little easier! In this case, it just depends on the straight lines and edges!

The correct final result can be seen in the pictures below.

Correctly applied wallpaper

Tree pattern on the wallpaper

Is blue your favorite color?

wallpaper blue wallpaper properly

Same patterns as murals

same patterns as pictures hang up

Flash wallpaper pattern

glaring wallpaper patterns

Bright pattern wallpaper for the bedroom

bright wallpaper for the bedroom

Floral pattern on the wallpaper

Wallpaper wallpaper properly

What do you say about this dot pattern?

polka dot wallpaper idea

Accent wall with wallpaper

wallpaper with patterned wallpaper

Set the pattern correctly

properly paper steps

Black and white pattern wallpaper

black white wallpaper

Silver flower pattern

silver pattern on the wallpaper

Decorate your bedroom too

wallpaper idea for the bedroom

Yellow pattern goes well with the door color

wallpaper with yellow patterns

For those who like it colorful

attach wallpaper with pattern

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