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Papphaus Ikea – unforgettable hours of play and great joy for children

spielhuas cardboard nursery decor

Cardboard house from Ikea could be the greatest achievement for the nursery

As Ikea is! Smart as it gets. No matter who has any objections, you must always allow this company one thing: there you can feel what we all need at home, even before we have perceived it ourselves.

Papphaus Ikea – every child is looking forward to it

nursery decor papphanie ikea playhua

If you only see a model of Ikea Papphaus, then there is a big danger: you definitely want to have it. If you do not have children, you suddenly want to have them! Or you give something to the nephew so that you can play with it yourself. But an event is urgently needed. Because everyone Papphouse Ikea Models are just gorgeous.

Festively equip the children’s corner with a great cardboard house from Ikea

Papphaus ikea play house

Do you want to celebrate so that you do not worry about the children, but at the same time have your rest? Equip your living ambiance with a great cardboard house from Ikea. Even if the little ones play hide and seek, you will know exactly where they are.

In this particular case, you can combine this idea with the love of nature. Are not the paintings and figurines, which are great scenes from nature, not simply fabulous?

Cardboard house with great children’s motifs

Playhouse Papphaus Ikea

Something similar, but a bit more childish is this model here. It serves the little ones. That’s why the motifs on this cardboard house are reminiscent of children’s drawings and not as realistic as usual.

Find the right Ikea cardboard house for your kids

cardboard house ikea playhouse cardboard

Wow! Imagine how this great cardboard house of Ikea looks in the eyes of this little angel … That’s the secret. As you make the choice, try to see everything through the eyes of your children.

This is also a great trick to keep the furniture at home completely. Because you can integrate the items into the cardboard house of Ikea in the form of play and cardboard.

Here are some pictures from the same model above! So what were you?

Try to make a cardboard house yourself

nursery decoration playhouse cardboard

A castle for little princesses

children's room deco playhouse cardboard

Playhouse made of cardboard with self-made children’s motifs

cardboard house ikea nursery decor play house

A great castle for boys and girls

papphaus ikea playhouse for children

An example of how you can design the cardboard house from the inside

cardboard house ikea playhouse carton

Whether for games or to rest, the playhouse is a great idea

Paphua's for children Spielhhua's cardboard

Create a private place for your child

papphuas ikea playhouse cardboard nursery decor

A great self-craft idea

Playhouse made of cardboard paporfaus ikea

Would you buy this cardboard house for your child?

playhouse made of cardboard nursery decor

Cool cardboard house with self-painted Christmas motifs

children's room deco papphaus ikea

Paint the cardboard house as your child wishes

playhouse for children nursery decor papphanie ikea

Decorate the playhouse with artificial flowers

Playhouse for children Papphaus Ikea

In fine weather, you can put the cardboard house in the garden

Playhouse for Children Papphuas Ikea Playhouse Cardboard

Let the children’s imagination run wild

Playhouse Cardboard Playhouse for children

Determine your child a happy Christmas spirit

playhhas made of cardboard nursery decor

An idea of how to decorate the playhouse

playhua made of paperboard cardboard

A gorgeous girl Cardboard House

playhouse cardboard nursery decor

Use colorful colors for the cardboard painting

play house cardboard house play house yourself

Fairy lights for a cool Cardboard house look

cardboard plaything paphapa ikea nursery decor

Unforgettable games in the cardboard house

cardboard playhouse for children

A playhouse in the form of a rocket for your boys

cardboard playhouse for children nursery decor

Small playhouse for your little child

Playhouse cardboard playhouse for children

Great stone-look wallpaper for Cardboard house

playhouses made of cardboard and wallpaper

A white cardboard house to match the ambiance

Spielhuas for Kim Play House cardboard

Even the dad can hide in the playhouse

playhouse for children paporfaus ikea nursery decor

Pick a colorful playhouse for your child

playhua for children playhouse cardboard

Skylight for more light in the playhouse

Playhouse cardboard Spielhua from cardboard

The great joy of children with playhouse made of cardboard

playhouse cardboard nursery decor

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