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Party decoration in Moroccan boho style for future mothers

This idea for party decoration in Moroccan boho style is truly unique. It is original, exotic and somehow very universal in terms of taste. She would be very special for baby showers and future mothers.

Actually, the Moroccan style party decoration ideas that we are showing you today are united by a unified concept. In order to realize them in all details, you would have to fulfill some important requirements.

Chic decorative items with an oriental aftertaste

party decoration windllicht lantern ceramic urn

These too will be discussed below.

The village

The place where you organize the festival should be open and comfortable. Mostly the warm seasons are suitable for this. However, you could also use this party decoration as an inspiration in winter.

In this case, the room in which you perform the party must have some suitable flair

party decoration Moroccan style pillow stool

What about the conservatory?

Also, the room should be well ventilated. The reason is that many traditions from the Moroccan baby showers are associated with different smells. They are pleasant, but also really strong. For example, there is the tradition of decorating hands with hen. This has a strong scent. In addition, there should be many aromatic foods.

Hookah is smoked

party decoration schischa smoking metal lantern windlight sugar can

The decoration on the hands

The party decoration gets a special character at Baby Fest of the Moroccan kind. She becomes a part of us. You should even understand that in the literal sense. For the hands of the women are painted with hen.

Thus, each one feels beautiful and special

party decoration henna tattoo

Good mood and many nice presents

The gifts and the way they are organized are also a special part of the party decoration. Set up a visible spot especially for this. The gifts should be arranged in baskets with green decoration.

Also, it would be appropriate if they represent any cosmetics, such as scented soap or perfumes

party decoration braided storage bowl

Diaper, accessories and toys for the baby are also appropriate.

Small gifts to give

Part of the party decoration of the Moroccan boho style should also be small souvenirs. They should also be displayed in a special place. From there, they could be distributed by the guests when they say goodbye.

Fill the table with great food and drinks

Great food and drinks of the exotic kind on a crowded table should also make up a part of the decoration. Moroccan dishes are very original in appearance, colors and scents.

Do not forget the typical mint tea

party decoration iced tea moroccan tea set

Decorate the pies and the cakes with fresh flowers

party decoration office table decoration fresh flowers

Small biscuits with powdered sugar, arranged with gerberas are highly recommended

party decoration homemade cookies flowers

White roses just stay the classic

party decoration fresh flowers white roses

As a flower container you can use simple wooden boxes

party decoration fresh roses wooden box

Present your guests with individual roses

party decoration braided baskets fresh flowers

Arrange simple objects with style

party decoration wooden boxes fresh flowers wind lights glasses

Of course, the clothes should be quite suitable

party decoration moroccan side table braided stool vintage dresses

Small Moroccan side tables are indispensable

party decoration moroccan side table wood

Fur cushions and metal lanterns also look very effective

party decoration metal lantern fur pillow

Crocheted textiles and Persian carpets are also the perfect home accessories

party decoration persian carpet side table moroccan throw pillow

Organize small surprises for your guests

party decoration stand braided baskets homemade soap spices

party decoration iced tea moroccan tea set


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