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Pastel shades as wall paint – Do you want something exciting? Combine the pastel shades freely and freely!

pastel green wall paint colored bed linen

Pastel tones Wall paint for a fresh ambience

Do you think the pastels are boring? Yes? If so, we dare say that you are wrong. Because there is hardly anything more exciting and interesting than the combination of these. They are currently experiencing their comeback in interior design!

Zig-Zag at the nursery wall

pastel tones wall paint orange white

Accent wall in light green in a beautiful combination with the dining room furniture

pastel tones wall paint dining room furniture


Subtle approach with pastel shades

Everything can be very bold with pastel shades. You do not want it? Then you should opt for a color and combination of their nuances. So everything will look stylish, but not attract much attention.

Pastel colors look great when combined with white

pastel color walls shape mild

Two colors

If you want to go beyond this subtle twist, then it’s worth the combination of two colors and many pastel shades that go with it. You can always choose your favorite shades. Because these always have a pastel version.

Pastel colored triangles

pastel colors gray pink combination

You could use pastel shades to match wall color with furniture in the same shades

Pastel colors combination pink green

Mix many different pastel shades

Do you want to have a really bright and bold look? Is your wardrobe colorful? Then take these as a source of inspiration. Run your apartment in these colors. Just because you decide then for pastels, this is possible.

Adorable end effect

pastel colors combine dining room wall design

Create breathtaking ambience through pastel shades

pastel colors combine bedroom design

Pastelltöne und Muster

Have you always wanted great patterns on your walls, carpets, throw pillows? But you were always afraid that this would not work out so well? The pastel shades give you a chance to experiment without fear. Because these are so subtle that they allow the combination of many different colors within the same pattern.

Subtle combination of pastel colors

pastel tones wall paint pastel colors combine

Bedroom design in mild pastel tones

Mild pastel tones combine bedrooms

Here’s a tip where nothing can go wrong:

Consider an accent wall. On this you could mix many different colors. This can be done in the form of floral or other decorative patterns. Then these could be recorded in different details in the room. Think of vases, throw pillows, lampshades … Do you have other great accessories too?

Accent wall in the living room

pastel tones wall paint living room design

Why do not you handle it the other way around? First put all objects into the room that you always wanted to show! Have you not done so far, because this results in a colorful mess? Now look at it carefully and look for a wallpaper that combines all these nuances in one.

White dots on light blue background

wallpaper pastel blue white dots

Gorgeous nursery design for your child

Decorate children's rooms in pastel shades

Pastel green, decorated with pictures

Make pastel shades wall paint entry room

The lamp is simply great in the atmosphere

pastel tones wall paint living room walls


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