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Pelargonium as houseplants – beauty and properties

indoor plants geraniums elegant flower pot

Pelargonium and its healthy effects

Did you know that good-smelling Cranesbill family can drive out the bad energy from your house? This is the belief of many designers who look at the plants from this esoteric point of view. People always felt very intuitive about it, anyway.


This is partly due to the great aroma that they spread around them. Many also make collections of different varieties and prepare so much joy in life.

The gentle beauty of the geraniums

geranium characteristics garden planting

Interesting grouping of flowers

indoor plants geraniums white pink flowers

Cranesbill flower in beautiful pastel color

garden plants geranium blossom pink


Geranium, still called cranesbill

geranium blue flowers beautiful houseplant

Geranium in a flowerpot

garden plants geranium white flower pot

Cranesbill with light pink flowers in rustic flowerpot

geranium plant pink flowers rustic flower pot

Cranesbill in red is often preferred as a decoration

garden geranium plant red flowers

The geranium – one of the best indoor plants

The pelargoniums are some of the best houseplants you can imagine. They are a very beautiful and increasingly popular subspecies of the cranesbill family. It has been known in Europe since 1774. At least historians say so. They bloom abundantly in the summer. There are different varieties. Some have a lemon fragrance and others – an aroma of roses. The nuances of the flowers range from white to very pale pink. The leaves show a rich outline.

Pelargonium Sidoides

pelargonium pelargonium sidoides garden plants

Pelargonium Grenvilleae

geraniums garden plants Pelargonium grenvilleae

Flowers in pink shades

geranium beautiful blossom pelargonium pink

pelargoniums maintenance

Their care is pretty straightforward. The plants can survive for several years. What you need is a lot of light in the room. However, the sun must not come directly to it. These plants can grow equally well on the patio and at home. However, you should bring them home when it gets too cold outside.

White flowers reminiscent of cleanliness and freshness

geraniums garden plants white flowers

To the pelargoniums planting, you would only have to break off a piece of another plant. This must remain in the water for the 10 days and then it can also be planted.

This plant exudes beauty and elegance

geraniums Pelargonium peltatum beautiful color

The therapeutic effect

The pelargoniums have a strong therapeutic effect. Just their presence and the smells in the room will help to make you feel more relaxed and calm. Also, they can, like the other plants from their genus, the harmful emissions of furniture, paint and colors radiate process.

Pelargonium flowers in saturated purple

indoor plants Pelargonium zonal geranium purple

Volatile oil

You can get out of the pelargoniums also get essential oil. With diarrhea and heavy bleeding it could help a lot. It is sometimes also recommended for high blood pressure and dry cough. For the latter symptoms you can take some leaves of geranium every day. You can also find great recipes on the net.

Gorgeous pink flowers

indoor plants geranium pelargonium pink flowers

White flowers with red coloring

garanium pelargonium garden plants flowers pink white

Beautiful flowers in orange

geraniums orange flowers garden plants pelargonium


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