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Perennial edible plants for home and garden

The edible plants are a hot trend in modern garden design. Mostly they find place in the backyard. They are used in pots, plant beds and also next to flowers, shrubs and trees.

But is the effort worthwhile with them? Certainly, if you choose the right varieties! There are perennial edible plants, they grow every year. With them you are on the safe side. We have a list of the most popular ones for you. Most of them can only grow new with enough watering. Many can put you in the garden. Let yourself be surprised!

In the own garden the romaine lettuce will grow several times

Roman salad in your own garden

romaine lettuce

If you plant the salads at home, you will surely eat more of them. They are among the edible vegetables that grow several times after a single insertion into soil.

Even basil can be grown well at home

basil at home


Love them Caprese ? Then you absolutely need basil in the garden. Its distribution takes place through cuttings. Break a trunk 3/4 length along with the leaves. Put them in the water and wait a few days, exchanging the water regularly. It will develop roots. As soon as they reach 5 cm, you can put them in the ground. Then you can count on several years of harvest.

With a bit of water, you can grow the celery at home again

celery at home


To grow this healthy edible plant, you need to lay its foundation. Immerse them in a soup plate or a vessel of similar shape, filled with water. After a few days, new leaves will begin to grow in the middle. Put them in a flowerpot. The leaves must protrude from the earth. From now on, the plant is fairly easy to care for.

After a few days, the Chinese cauliflower makes new leaves growing Chinese cauliflower


Chinese cabbage

The Chinese cabbage is very reminiscent of celery. They are bred in a similar way. Chinese cabbage develops much faster and therefore it has to be put into a larger plant container after a few days or weeks.

So let the spring onions grow again

Spring onions grow

spring onions

The care takes place as with all similar plants. Put the plant bulbs in water. The white, lower part should necessarily be under water. The green part will grow within 10 days. Cut the leaves off and again you can breed the next spring onions in this way.

You can easily produce new carrot leaves for the salad

new carrots leaves

carrot leaves

We emphasize: It is not about the carrots themselves, but about their leaves. Many people eat these in the salad. You need around 5 cm from the top of the carrots. Put some of them in water so that they are immersed to the middle in it. Lay it down on the windowsill. After a few days leaves will develop.

This is how the garlic redevelops

new garlic at home

Garlic germs

Most of us have already seen green forgotten leaves develop from a forgotten garlic. Next time you should not be upset about it. Rather, you should dip the garlic in a cup with water. Its lower part should be completely in this. Put the cups of garlic on the windowsill and soon germs will be developed.

Lemongrass can also be easily reproduced

Grow lemongrass


Lemongrass needs anyone who enjoys preparing exotic dishes from Thailand or Vietnam. It is sometimes difficult to find in supermarkets. You can have this in a jar at home. Fill it up to the middle with water. Replant them as soon as the roots have developed. So they always have lemongrass at home.

Own ginger? That’s fine!

new ginger


One of the popular edible plants is ginger. Do you like it in your morning smoothie? Just take rhizomes that have buds ready to develop. Put them in the ground and after a few months you already have your own ginger.

Let the sweet potatoes grow again

new sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes

Just put one end of the potatoes in a glass of water. Soon the roots start to grow. Once you have reached a few centimeters, you can already be used in the garden.

From the old potatoes are easily new

new from these potatoes


Have your potatoes already developed germs. You should not eat them this way. But from this you can plant your own potatoes. Break them up and put them in the ground.

Not all of these plants can grow in your own garden, but many of them already. So close to a popular garden trend. At the same time you secure yourself and your family a healthier life , more on the subject “Edible flowers” find out here. We wish you a good appetite!


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