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Pergola for a larger summer enjoyment in the garden – 32 inspirational pictures

In the warm months of the year, the longed for sun is too hot. We are forcibly looking for a hiding place. That does not mean that we have something against the summer temperatures. These should be there as long as possible. Rather, we just want to have a place in the garden, which offers us a touch of freshness. This is exactly what the pergola can do for us.

It would be best if you could go straight from the garden to the beach. But whether you have this opportunity or not, arguably nothing against a well-equipped garden. Pergola is just one of them, if you want to feel good.

Secure a shady spot under the pergola

ideas for garden design

Enjoy the time in the shade of the pergola

In principle, the pergola only partially lets through the sun’s rays, so you can enjoy your time there in the pleasant shade. Even if the sun is not so hot, you like to come out of the four walls and like to sit down at this place.

The shadow is getting denser

If you decide on the pergola for plants, the shade will become much denser in a natural way over time. This happens, of course, especially when you buy the right green plants, which reach the peak of their development in the summer. But what you should expect is that you have to be patient with the vines and other vines for some years to come.

Climbing plants for dense shade

garden pergola made of schmidisen

Thanks to the plants, they have the opportunity to enjoy some aromatherapy in addition to the great green. They would have to, as it is understood, make a “green” choice, which spreads great flavor at the same time. There are too many species that offer such a thing. The difficulty, however, is that you get the absolutely right variant. If you want to have a lasting success in this regard, it is certainly worthwhile consulting with a specialist.

Functional decoration

A green garden pergola is so traditional and can look so modern. First, it’s because you can actually make the plants in different shapes. So they can also enroll in minimalist concepts. In addition, it combines decoration and practical function. This “multi-purpose thinking” is in all modern design and design areas as quite hip. It just looks up to date and modern.

Numerous ideas for the pergola design

an untraditional pergola idea


Garden pergola that hides us from the sun (not quite)

garden pergola landscaping examples garden ideas

Sun protection by pergola

A beautiful and interesting garden pergola

garden decorations garden ideas garden pergola gardening examples

sitting in the semi-shade and enjoying the summer

The modern style

gardening examples gardening garden pergola

gardening examples garden pergola garden ideas

gardening examples garden decorations garden pergola

How would you design your garden?

gardening ideas garden ideas garden pergola

pergola for the garden

A modern pergola model is perfect for terrace design

garden ideas garden decorations garden pergola gardening examples

garden pergola garden decorations garden ideas gardening ideas

Cover the garden pergola with a denser shade fabric

garden ideas garden pergola gardening ideas

interesting ideas for pergola in the garden

garden design and decorate

Garden pergola made of metal

gardening examples garden pergola garden decorations

an oasis in the garden

Set up your garden oasis colorfully

garden pergola garden ideas garden decorations gardening ideas

gardening ideas garden pergola gardening ideas

A rustic garden design

rustic garden pergola garden ideas landscaping examples

garden pergola made of metal

Plant ideas for the garden pergola

Get a complementary garden look

garden prgola wood garden ideas landscaping examples

Would you like to sit down on these benches to rest?

garden pergola garden ideas gardening ideas

a beautiful garden with pergola

sitting under the garden pergola

garden ideas and garden design

simple garden pergola ideas

modern pergola for modern garden

Ideas for gardening with pergola


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