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Personalize the hallway – 20 great wall decor ideas for estimators

They are fed up with the usual and banal wall decorations Hall – Photo wallpapers, wall decals or stickers – which bleach over time and are easy to tear? Any photos, paintings and farms have you been bored? Or your hallway is cluttered with clothes hanging on hangers when you have guests … stop it! You can tidy up the hall and come up with a new design there. The tradition has been broken and now it has become trendy to personalize the hall space. With our 20 great wall decoration ideas, we would like to initiate you to elegantly decorate the hallway with personal elements. If this new design succeeds in the end, it will delight you and impress your guests.

Create a representative transitional location from the hallway

Hallway decoration ideas

Wall decor Ideas for the corridor that underline your presence in the apartment

No one will deny that every person has some great moments in life that he would like to return to. These moments are connected several times with symbolic objects. Why should these precious pieces from the biography be left in the storage space?

Give them a new life by standing or hanging in the hall! It’s about photos, relics from the past, family portraits, souvenirs of travel in foreign countries – everything that is valuable and charming for real estimators. But you would also have to come up with a suitable arrangement for these things.

Our tip is to decorate the hallway with zones and corners. For example, it is a good idea to make one of the family portraits photo wall to shape in the hallway. Or they could fill the shelves with travel souvenirs. Or attach embroidery everywhere … Even painted pictures or DIY projects also look great on the ambience. Only you should think thematically and pay attention to the whole interior of the corridor. The advantages – it costs little money, much less than if you buy something new! But the most important thing is that this exhibition reminds you of beautiful moments and fills you with a good mood every time you enter the hallway. In addition, your new wall decoration will be fascinating and stylish for your guests.

With souvenirs that symbolize beautiful moments, you can decorate the hallway

Wall decoration ideas hallway souvenirs

Design a photo wall in the hallway

Wall decoration ideas hallway photo wall

DIY projects for the corridor

From our picture gallery you can get more inspirations and imitate some DIY projects. If it were individual writing boards or renovated vintage-style chests of drawers, your family tree or Native American figures, we would be pleased if you noticed anything. A pin board for the tasks of the little ones would also enroll in the hall great if you make them funny.

Unfold your imagination and realize your plans for the wall decoration in the hallway. We are sure that you have a fine hand for it.

Pin board as a wall decoration in the hall – practical and refreshing

Wall decoration ideas hallway DIY

Large chalkboard as a portrait, on which an interesting message is written down

Wall decoration ideas furnish corridor

This guitar has been transformed into a decorative element

Wall decoration ideas hallway DIY

A family tree pleases the eye

Decorating wall decoration ideas hallway

Sometimes your hall does not need stark colors to look smart

Wall Decoration Ideas Hallway Setup

Wall decoration with Native American figures

Wall decoration ideas hallway figures

The hall designed as a picture gallery

Wall Decoration Ideas Pictures Hallway

Brand new frames reflect the light in the hallway

Wall decoration ideas hallway

The arrangement sometimes means a play of contrasts

Wall decoration ideas hallway pictures

Embassies that appeal to the family are a fancy wall decoration

Wall decoration ideas hallway DIY

The frames can be in interesting shapes

Wall Decoration Ideas Hallway Decor

Fill the corridor with tapestries

Wall Decoration Ideas Hallway Embroidery

Decorate the corridor in a maritime style

Wall decoration ideas hallway style

Photo wallpaper from family pictures – a very original solution

Wall Decoration Ideas Photo Wallpaper

A memo board can also hang in the hallway

Wall decoration Ideas Notitzen stand

Abstract pictures are considered for a long time

Use wall decoration ideas style

And hooks could be installed inconspicuously somewhere

Hallway wall decoration ideas


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