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Photo box: a must for every event

“Around 80% of all environmental information is perceived by our eyes. We think, talk and remember with the help of pictures. ”

Each of us knows the effect when he sees the photos of an event. The image content is an unforgettable memory that captures our brain in fractions of a second, causing many emotions. But taking perfect photos without the professional presence of a photographer is pretty hard, but not impossible. With the help of a photo box, you have the opportunity to shoot cool pictures yourself. How to build a photo box yourself, learn with the help of our information-rich points and pictures.

The photo box is part of every celebration

photo box made of wood ideas

What is a photo box?

A photo box is a perfect solution for all kinds of blemishes such as weddings, children’s parties, or parties. Flexible and practical construction can be quickly set up and easily displayed. For the box, you need a camera and tablet or PC, which are built-in and take photos themselves with a wireless shutter release.

Other extras and variants include a built-in printer that can print the photos automatically.

The first thing you need to have a good camera for is the project. The camera takes the photos and transfers them to the so-called screen of your PC or tablet. So you have the opportunity to take a perfect picture that works with the remote control.

Take professional pictures of yourself

colors photo box image content

How does the connection work?

The connection between the camera and the tablet is the most important step in the realization of the project. One possibility would be to get it from a DSLR camera that can be controlled via a PC. An alternative to the DSLR camera is the WiFi memory card, which can transfer the necessary data to the PC. If you put this card, then you can have the data not only on the PC but also on social networks like Facebook or Instagram. For this type of wireless connection, it is recommended that the camera and tablet, or PC are within 2 meters of each other because the card’s own Wi-Fi network is up to 2 meters strongest.

Pay attention to the technical information

Rear view side photo box

Build the photo box yourself

First of all, you have to have a clear idea of the photo box in your head. There are many inspirations that come in different shapes and sizes. The front side of the box can be painted in a fresh color, so you better focus on the screen. After creating the sketch for the project you have to buy the building materials. The elaborations made of wood are recommended because of the stability of the construction. After shopping for the building materials you have to prepare the appropriate tool. For this, you need a jigsaw, Forstner drill, wood drill, cordless screwdriver, screwdriver, and a grinder. Drill holes for the power connection on the back. Very important are the two holes on the front of the photo box for the camera and the screen. You can mount the side doors with hinges.

The construction is very easy to design

woodworking photo box

The design of the photo box is in your hands

cool photo box made of wood

Make unforgettable pictures with the press of a button

Photo box view and ideas

Take a group picture alone? With the photo box, it would be no problem

Photo box picture party

Photo box ideas made of wood

Outdoor photo box

photo box creative design

Photobox with integrated lightning

make photo box yourself diy

wedding photo box ideas for photo box

party photo box

white photo box in the studio

willow photo box gloss

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