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Picnic ideas for the best summer pleasure!

The summer is already there. And we need a lot of great picnic ideas, because they make up most of the charm of the season. If you go somewhere every weekend, or almost every weekend, you certainly need some variety. In addition, you could possibly make the picnic a special occasion. Our examples and inspirations could make your summer unique. Let’s start with the overview!

This picnic idea is for fans of vintage and country style

Everything in pink picnic ideas

Picnic ideas in different styles

The picnic ideas could show your favorite style. Above we see an example, which at the same time as Vintage and can be romantic. It has been very much concerned with the decoration and has even selected the food so that they have a certain decorative effect. Certainly, this inspiration is something for style-conscious people.


Would that be something for you too? If not, then take a look at the other picnic ideas!

A few tasty fruits are enough for your picnic

very simple ideas picnic ideas

Less is more

Likewise with the picnic ideas one can show a minimalistic attitude. Pastries, great bread cuts, some cheese – all spread on a neutral blanket that harmonizes with the color of the natural environment. Just like in the next picture below. Surely you can relax completely in such an atmosphere. In the example above, we have a great picnic idea in a similar style. However, this is an urban meadow and a great breakfast there.

Restrained picnic decoration lets us enjoy nature more intensively
In the wild nature picnic ideas

The flowers and accents are never too much

The green meadows and the beautiful nature are a natural decoration for all picnics. But that does not mean that the natural decoration with plants or other natural gifts would be superfluous. But on the contrary! Some green branches would never be too much. You will improve the mood with your color alone. In the picture below we also have some great flowers. They spice up the mood even better!

Another great picnic idea for coffee drinkers and wine connoisseurs

rural atmosphere picnic ideas


Always think very practical!

The picnic ideas should not only be beautiful, but as practical as possible. There are baskets in which cutlery and crockery can be stowed particularly well. So no chaos arises and the food reaches the place of the picnic in good condition. So it’s much more fun! If you go on a variety of picnic trips more often, it is definitely worth investing in such things.

A perfect picnic basket is both practical and beautiful

Knife and plate and fork picnic ideas

DIY picnic ideas

The homemade furniture from old crates are an example of picnic facilities that can easily be moved from one place to another. By the way, they might as well be very useful for occasional get-togethers in the garden. In the picture below, we note that placing food on such boxes has a very positive effect on mood. On the one hand, the food is not in direct contact with the ground and on the other – it creates a very homely effect.

Such improvised picnic tables make your stay in nature more comfortable

picnic ideas in the forest with diy platforms

Make something special out of the picnic!

Picnics, as a popular form of recreational enjoyment, are certainly also a significant part of our lifestyle. You can and should always make something special out of it. Because the variety and the creativity make the relaxation more intense and great. In addition, a stylish and original picnic could be perfect for a romantic get together or another great occasion. Pick the perfect idea for you from our suggestions!

Make the picnic basket full of delicious and healthy picnic products!
basket with products picnic ideas

For a harmonious mood, the picnic decoration should contain the colors of the environment!

picnic ideas at the lake

picnic ideas in the boat

picnic ideas in the middle of the forest

Picnic for a birthday? Why not?
picnic ideas with a basket
great basket idea picnic ideas

great meadow picnic ideas

Even in the garden or city park you can create a great picnic atmosphere
great table picnic ideas

read and write picnic ideas

in the middle of a yellow-green meadow picnic ideas

You do not necessarily need many products for a great picnic!

picnic ideas with a nice view

picnic ideas a big bushes

picnic ideas food with fruits

Choose a picnic basket that suits you perfectly!

picnic ideas basket and tablecloth

picnic ideas round table in the middle of the forest

picnic ideas great basket

The picnic can be something very romantic!

romantic occasion picnic ideas

picnic ideas wine and other great drinks

under the tree picnic ideas

under the shade picnic ideas

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