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Plan kitchens yourself – 5 mistakes you should avoid

kitchen plan kitchen island wood

Plan kitchens yourself – useful tips

Do you let your interior designer do everything or plan your kitchen yourself? We think that both decisions are correct. It depends on how many resources you have and how well you know the subject yourself. Both are worthwhile in different circumstances and from different points of view.

Modern kitchen design

small kitchen tile wooden table

However, if you decide to plan the kitchen yourself, you should avoid a few mistakes. Surely you know a few. But it always helps if you can visualize them.

Checklist of the mistakes you made plan kitchens yourself should avoid

  • Sacrifice functionality in favor of appearance

The kitchen is the heart of your home. Here you will spend a lot of time with friends. You have to have it easy to serve and clean up. They also need to feel motivated to cook and live healthily. So the extravagant solutions should always be checked twice for good functionality.

Brick accent walls embellish this small kitchen

modern kitchen great candlestick

The white furniture is complemented by the wooden furniture

kitchen wooden furniture white interior

  • Areas that are difficult to clean

You want great kitchen surfaces? But have you checked how much effort the selected material needs? Can you afford something like that? If not, then choose something else! Because the great material is worth nothing if it does not shine cleanliness. This is especially important in the kitchen.

Sculpting inspiring kitchen

kitchen design large work surface

Dark decor

kitchen design dark-colored wooden elements

Bright kitchen

kitchen work surface tread white walls

How fast do you run when you prepare something? Do you come across something in a hurry? But you do not want to experience this early in the morning or at friend meetings? Then secure enough tread in the kitchen. Also, be aware that there are no edges that you constantly encounter.

Cozy bright interior

small kitchen bright interior

Gray decor and enough tread

kitchen gray interior clear

The floor has to look nice. But he must also offer no risk of slipping. Because in the kitchen often something flows. Even the best material in the world is not worth accidents like this.

Light gray cabinets

kitchen interior yellow cupboards

Beautiful combination of red and white can refresh the kitchen

kitchen design white red

  • Complicated access from the dining area to the sink / low workspace

Anyway, it’s no fun cleaning up and washing dishes. If you also have a lot of great things on the way, that’s a disaster. Clear the path between the two. If the distance is too big, you should have a trolley. In addition, you need a lot of work space, especially when preparing and rinsing.

Spacious kitchen with a chic kitchen island

kitchen design white interior

The lamps are the accent in this kitchen

kitchens plan your own white surface

Use wood material

kitchen design wooden elements white sink

Accent wall in the kitchen peps up the ambience

kitchens plan your own brick wall

Fancy lamps in brilliant color

kitchen counter stool lamps

Fresh interior

living kitchen design hanging lamps

mosaic tiles

kitchen plan gray white

Open wall shelves

The small kitchen is well organized

Here you have a large work surface

kitchen design bright work surface black chairs

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