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Plant a balcony and look forward to a magnificent garden

Spring is the season when all nature slowly awakens from hibernation and strikes the new life cycle. The sun shines more frequently, the air fills with aromas and even in the big city you can hear buzzing and humming noises in the early morning. The change in nature reminds us that the time when you can plant your garden or balcony is finally here.

Many city people are fortunate enough to lease and tidy allotments while others try to freshen their balconies. No matter which group you belong to, we definitely recommend that you take every opportunity to do some gardening. You will be thankful and happy when your little one garden finally blooms in its full splendor and conjures a smile on your face.

Plant a balcony and let a flower garden emerge

balcony plant gardening

Fragrant herbs and edible flowers can be a part of your garden design

balcony plant lavender

When and what can you plant?

Most seed is sown in March and April. Here you have to be patient with the blossoming of the plants. Of course you can do many bulbs buy it and as soon as the sun caresses them with their heat, they soon show their fragrant and beautiful flowers. So you can easily bridge the time, until the sowing is so far and blooms itself magnificently.

While you sow the colorful field flower mixture, place typical spring bloomers on the balcony

balcony planting pots tulips bees


The more colorful the mixture, the more magnificent the garden becomes

balcony planting roses peony roses

You buy the bulbs already planted and it is best to put them on the window and let them soak up enough sunlight. Here, hyacinths, daffodils and tulips can provide a spring mood.

While your seeded flowers and herbs are germinating in the soil patiently, you can put some boxes of pansies and primroses on your balcony. Thus, the winter is finally expelled and you can see soon even grow the first young plants in the flower pots. Magic bells and daisies can grow here, but there is also enough space for fragrant medicinal herbs. On their balcony garden you can always have fresh herbs at hand and you also attract one or the other lost bee with it. Parsley, cilantro, sage or thyme are incredibly healthy and you can even at the end of the garden season which for the winter to dry. The mint is easy to care for and has a wonderful smell until autumn.

The gardening is tedious, but it’s fun if you let yourself be inspired

balcony planting pot garden

The choice of planters is important for the overall design of your balcony garden

balcony planting pots field flowers

Flowering plants make bees happy

balcony plant bees

Save space and align plants optimally

balcony planting ideas

Pansies and daisies make for a good mood

balcony plant pot solar light

All colors have a positive effect on us

balcony plant roses daffodils

Choose plants that blend in with the location of your balcony

balcony plant roses petunia

Plant balcony and align plants optimally

The position of the flowerpots is so important because the different plants also need different amounts of light. The type of flowers and plants you will have to choose according to the location of your balcony. All the above named flowers love the sun and if your balcony location is right, you can start with it right away.

The mint and the basil like shady to partially shaded spots. Keep this in mind when planting your balcony. It should be cool and shady for the woodruff and for the geranium.

Look at your plants every day and try to understand their language.

Easy-care fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes or strawberries grow and mature on the balcony

balcony planting pots colorful

balcony plant pot of strawberry

The balcony garden permanently improves your mood and thus your life

balcony plant garanie

You come to the harvest, even if the quantities are small

balcony planting pot harvest

Inquire how much light or moisture your small balcony garden needs

planting lavender young man pouring

balcony plant roses

balcony planting toepfen gaensebluemchen

balcony planting pots balcony ideas

balcony planting pot basil

balcony planting pots blueten

Tulips balcony plant lavender

balcony planting pots vegetable tomato plants

balcony planting pot vegetable onion

balcony planting pot medicinal herbs

balcony planting pots tulips lavender

balcony planting pots tulips petunia

balcony plants pots tulips view from above

balcony planting pots tulips and daffodils

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