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Plant herbs – a balcony full of scent!

Aromatic herbs for the balcony – Part 1

The cultivation of fresh herbs at home not only ensures a pleasurable taste of your dishes. Thanks to their fragrances, they also provide free aromatherapy. See which plants will help you, without much effort, to turn your balcony into a small herb garden.

Plant herbs – chives for the balcony

herbal plants herbal balcony herbs planting

Few know it, but the chive is a beautiful flower and also a great spice, whose effective properties are known. For centuries, chives have been used in Chinese medicine. This plant can be grown both on the balcony and on the windowsill. In the summer, chives need frequent watering.

Because it likes the sun, it is important to get sunlight for a few hours a day.

Tip: One of his undisputed advantages in breeding at home is the ability to dodge unwanted insects. The juice of its leaves fights mold and fungus.

Basil – a king’s cabbage

basil herbs plant herbaceous plants

Now is the perfect time to plant the basil in a pot – from March to May. He needs a frequent irrigation especially immediately after the time of implantation. It grows fast when it has good access to sunlight. Heat and cold do not work well on the plant. In winter, you can place the basil on a kitchen shelf, along with other aromatic herbs, for more summer mood during the cold months.

Tip: Basil has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. In the time of the Roman Empire, it was a symbol of love and legend has it that the plant had a stimulating effect.

Oregano for the balcony garden

oregano herbal plants herbal pictures

The oregano is of African origin and therefore loves the sun and can not tolerate low temperatures. Do not water the plant too often, but do not let the soil dry out. During the cold months, the oregano should be placed in a warm and sunny spot. The oregano contains vitamin A, C and mineral salts.

Tip: Oregano tea was once used to cure a variety of diseases, such as: As for problems with the nervous system and gastrointestinal complaints. As an antioxidant, this herb is 46 times stronger than the apple.

Plant herbs – sage

sage herbs herbal pictures

A medieval proverb says, “A man who cultivates sage can not die of anything”.

Therefore, you will not do anything wrong with breeding this aromatic herb at home. The plant is not particularly demanding. But it is important to know that the sage does not tolerate moisture well. It prefers calcareous and sandy soil and lasts long in the sun. It is believed that the sage has some medicinal properties that help digestion and work well on menopausal women.

Tip: It is not advisable to put the sage under running water. Better clean it with a soft cloth.

If you are an herb fan, but do not have your own garden, be sure to read our second article on “Planting Herbs on the Balcony”. You could start with the planting of herbs at home today … We wish you a lot of fun! And enjoy a wonderful summer, full of herbal aromas!

Planting Herbs – Fresh herbs in the pot will make your balcony look even better

balcony plants balcony design herbal plants

The coriander can also be grown on the balcony

coriander herbs plant balkobpflanzen

Combine different types of herbs in one pot

balcony plants herbs plants herbs balcony

The dill will also grow easily on your balcony

herbs pictures herbs plants herbs plant

Design a small herbal oasis on your balcony

balcony design balcony plants herbal plants

The thyme as a balcony plant

thyme herbs plant herbal balcony

This plant can be grown both on the balcony and on the windowsill

herbs herbs herbs herbs and spices

Start now with the herb planting

herbal balcony balcony plants herbal plants

The rosemary will complement your herb garden wonderfully

rosemary herbal plants herbal pictures

Plant herbs – Bring the herbs into the house during the winter season

herbal plants herbs pictures herbal plants

The Sabei prefers calcareous and sandy soil

sage herbs herbs herbs balcony

Decorate the windowsill of your kitchen with herbs in the pot

herbal balcony herbal pictures herbal plants

The combination of blooming flowers and herbs delights every plant fan-eye

herbal balcony herbs herbs and spices

The basil grows fast when it gets a lot of sunlight

herbal plants basil herbal pictures

Find out exactly about the growth of the different herbs

herbal balcony herbs and spices herbal plants

herbal pictures balcony plants herbal plants

The basil has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect

herbal garden herbs plants herbal balcony

Put the mint in an airy place

mint herbal plants herbal balcony

The parsley is a traditional spice

parsley herbs herbs herbs balcony

The vertical garden is a modern solution

vertical herb garden herbs plant


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