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Play Bed – A Dream for the Kids – Inspirational Play Bed Designs

bed children's room stairs pink facade plants

Game bed designs that children fall in love with

Wondering how to make the nursery the best way to make your kids enjoy spending time there? The biggest challenge facing the parents when it comes to nursery design is the fact that this room is also a bedroom, study and playroom.

To design the room in such a way that it fulfills three functions at the same time actually costs a lot of effort, one can not deny that!

Have you ever seen a more impressive baby bed?

children's room fashion play bed oranger carpet armchair

A nursery interior reminiscent of the jungle

play bed nursery slide green carpet


The cot is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the nursery. That’s why you could count on an attractive bedding design. What do you mean by one play bed ? Such a bed can contribute to the thematic design of the room. If you e.g. set up a room for a small football fan, or decorate a fairytale girl’s room, then a children’s bed can easily serve you.

Youth room with children’s high bed

children's room design boy's room football theme wood furniture

A room design for a little princess

children's high bed playhouse slide purple wall

Children’s beds can have stairs, slides, swings or climbing elements. In some cases, they even resemble a house or tree house. Children have their own world, and a children’s bed provides your child with the opportunity to enjoy their own world. Take a look at the examples below to see how different the designs can be.

Just look at these little sweet little windows!

girls room design high bed slide soft carpet

Like a real house, this bed has been equipped with flower pots

bed children's room stairs pink facade plants

Red-blue design for boys with a children’s bed

kids room red carpet playhouse slide dresser

A slide comes down from the castle tower

children's room baby bed cricket colors slide throw pillow

Children’s highbed with guardrail

kids room play bed white slide girl's room

Children’s bed for boys

nursery playhouse high bed design slide staircase

A sympathetic house fulfills the role of the cot

bed design house stairs nursery

Simple design made of wood

baby bed design kids room light carpet zig zag pattern

A boy will feel comfortable in such a tree house

play bed wood children's room fashion staircases carpets

Girl’s room design with children’s high bed

baby bed nursery white house design round rug

The stairs to the bed are actually shelves

bed nursery original staircase round rug

Orange children’s room with wooden cot

baby bed childrens room loft bed design wood teppe orange wall design

Under the bed, the child has his own private room

baby bed nursery high bed design round rug

White cot in combination with fresh zig-zag curtains pattern

baby bed design kids room design curtains zig zag pattern


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