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Plissee – the modern window decoration for every room

Plissee – the modern window decoration for every room

Curtains by the window – that was once! Today, other methods are fashionable to beautify windows and space to provide privacy or to protect against light. All this is created by modern pleats, because they are the versatility in person. In this living decoration classic elements combine with modern facts, because “plissée” is a term from the textile processing and comes from France. In this fabric processing method, wrinkles are artificially formed. At first, only garments, such as Skirts or collars provided with pleats that were worn until the middle of the 20th century. Only in recent years, this technique is also used in residential decoration.

Plissee the modern window decoration for every room

Why are pleats so versatile?

A pleated is a folding door that is attached directly to the window frame. The folded fabric takes up no unnecessary space in contrast to curtains. Moreover, this type of window decoration has a modern touch and can depending on the selected variant be used in the business as well as in the private sector. The installation is done either directly in the window, so between the window frame, so that the pleated rests on the disc. The fabric runs over a rail system, which is attached to each side of the window above and below.

There is a choice between a clamping device on the window frame without drilling or fixation on the window frame with drilling. Due to the tight tensioning of the cable, the plisse sits firmly and can be moved at any height. In this variant, it is possible to pull the fabric from top to bottom or from bottom to top. At the same time this provides light protection and privacy.

A pleated is the ideal window decoration for difficult window forms , In modern homes, windows are installed in all geometric shapes. Round and half round are to be found as well. B. triangles or trapezoids. However, the matching pleats must be made to measure and are not easy to order just like the normal shapes.

Window decoration in countless variations

Not only the many forms in which a plisse is available, but above all the infinite variety of colors and patterns makes this residential decoration so popular. The material chosen is either a cotton or polyester material. Crushed or Jaquard are optical effects that make pleats look very appealing even in plain colors. If you want it to be especially elegant, you can also choose shiny satin or so-called chintz fabric. This shows how versatile the plisse can be used.

Next Colors and patterns the question of how transparent the substance should be is important. There are transparent fabrics, semi-transparent and opaque variants. A transparent fabric allows a slight view to the outside, but at the same time protects against too much brightness. This is especially useful in rooms where you work on the screen. Translucent pleats are ideal for the living area and darkening fabrics are suitable for attachment to the bedroom window. Thermo-Plissees are made of double fabric, which is honeycomb-shaped and thus has a climate-regulating effect.

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