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Plissees – a practical material for a cozy ambience

Plissees – a practical material for a cozy ambience

Meanwhile, it is well known what a great influence the lighting of a room has on its charisma and effect. For this reason, it is worthwhile to look at the plissee, which not only marks a short-term trend, but has also been able to hold its own well in the market for some time. The functions extend far beyond the mere darkening of the room.

Plissees a practical material for a cozy atmosphere

The individual room design

First of all, a pleat can be used to provide some privacy from the outside. Many people feel uncomfortable when they can be seen from the street directly in the kitchen or in the living room. For this reason, a plisse here is very well suited to create a cozy atmosphere. Thanks to the versatile function, only the lower part of the window can be covered in a targeted manner. Despite the privacy, a certain amount of brightness remains in the room. At the same time there is individual pleats , which can be perfectly adapted to the dimensions of the window, which further enhances the decorative effect. It is also the elegant folding technique, which is used in the development of the products, which they from Roman blinds different. At the same time there are various differences in operability, because while a normal privacy can only be pulled up, the Faltrollo can be set in any direction to any height. Thus, the light and privacy protection can be adapted to any situation, which finally offers the opportunity to benefit from optimal conditions in the room.

The genesis of the plisse

This individual opportunity for interior design goes back many years, when women in the Mediterranean left their clothes in tight folds. This technique can still be admired in some garments, but also in lampshades or compartments. The first patent for a folded blind was already granted in 1884, and it would still take several decades for the principle to really prevail around the world. A plisse is of course also suitable for protection against direct sunlight in the warm months of the year. Especially in colored versions of the room is through the Effect of colored light dived directly into a completely different atmosphere. Who wants to use this effect also in the decoration targeted, who can decide for certain colors. On the other hand, if the pleated is used in a workroom, it may be better to use a neutral color.

Assembly and installation

The assembly of a pleated is kept simple, whereby even rudimentary craftsmanship is absolutely sufficient to achieve the desired result. The device can be attached to ceilings, walls or even directly on the window itself. For this reason, it is not even necessary to hire a fitter, which of course pushes the costs further down. In the end, it’s worth using the pleated fabric as a way to give each room a more comfortable feel and feel better.


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