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Plissees for window dimming and window decoration – 34 fresh ideas for windows

In the window darkening one has several possibilities in the modern facility. What distinguishes modern window blackouts are functionality, efficiency and beautiful design. Among all alternatives for window protection and decoration, we now place the pleats in the center of our contribution. Anyone who relies on modern window design solutions will also consider this option …

Plissees come in very fresh versions

plissees purple cozy living area floorboards

Practical window darkening with design function

Pleats are characterized by a beautiful drape. They consist of a pre-folded fabric, so that you can push it together and apart. The window can be freely left free: depending on the purpose of the upper or lower part, which makes this type of window dimming particularly flexible.


Screening can be regulated so that a clear view is possible! In addition, the plisse is also great for skylights!

Plissees are a beautiful window decoration in their numerous designs. Simply plain, a little playful with a beautiful pattern or with color gradient, these window blackouts can be versatile in the interior staged. They often become a real eye-catcher, but can so well inscribe themselves into the entire interior design that they simply appear as a beautiful backdrop.

This practical sunscreen is also very easy to assemble and can also be ordered by the way. The assembly is also easy. Either screw the pleats to the wall or the ceiling or you decide to attach them without drilling and holes: For a blind with a clamp support, you do not need to drill holes in the wall.

Into the nursery fits the plisse just wonderful!

plissees nursery blue design windowsill

Elegant window dimming in the dining room

plissees fancy window dimming elegant sunscreen

Pleats have different functions, but are all very easy to install

The right window dimming ensures more comfort in your own home. Textiles certainly contribute a lot, in particular curtains, flat curtains and any other window dimming. Plissees make the room atmosphere particularly pleasant, because you can achieve the perfect indoor climate! Not only can they look very different, they also perform different functions. So can these sun protection . Thermal insulation or blackout present. If you are looking for effective protection against sun and glare, then you need a sun protection pleated. If you want to save energy, then help those with thermal function, because they consist of two layers of fabric, which makes them an excellent protection against heat and cold. And pleats of opaque material do not let light into the room. In most cases, such a window darkening at the back of an aluminum layer is fixed, which reflects the light.

Enough daylight in the hallway

plissees blue corridor set up bench carpet runner


Plissees are universal window dimming in every room and for every style of furnishing. You can thereby functionally darken and beautify both living room and bedroom, but also the hall itself!

Playing with the light in the living room

plissees beige light carpet living room white sofa throw pillow

Window darkening in light color contrasts perfectly with the beautiful accent wall in the relaxation area

plissees elegant window protection and beautiful decoration

pleated dining room ideas rattan furniture long dining table

pleated dining room modern dining area darken many windows

plissees home office candlestick open plan

Pleated fresh solution for the window red design

plissees cozy living room beige living room sofa coffee table glass

plissees spacious living room dark flooring black carpet

plissees green design decorate white deco vases window sill

plissees bright living room beautiful wall wallpaper

plissees bright living room design white carpet plant light gray sofa

plissees light gray design workplace ideas

Functional and modern solution, how to create more living comfort at home

plissees dark design elegant window solution

plissees nursery design open shelves green wall paint

plissees stark color fresh mood

plissees modern loft apartment living room set up

Design plissees modern living ideas home office

plissees modern living area dark carpet wall decoration

plissees modern living area round carpet glass table

Plissees living room blue sofa bright walls

Decorate and decorate the pleated bedroom

plissees stylish living room furniture beige floor interior stairs

The matching pleated design creates a harmonious whole

plissees living area darken sunscreen

plissees living room brown curtains white floor

plissees living room set up gray design beautiful view

plissees living room fell carpet white living room side table

plissees living room design round carpet corner sofa neutral colors

In a bright living room white pleats let the sunlight flood freely into the room

design plissees living room ideas window

plissees living room design brown design beautiful living room sofa

Pleated kitchen windows darken brown nuances


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